10 Jackson Thrift stores, you’re sure to find your next treasure


Calling all lovers of vintage, the unique, the hunt for the unique, the environment and everything that comes with thrift stores, Jackson certainly has some cool places to check out.

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Increased interest in second-hand purchases

As someone who has always loved saving, I like to see more people see the value of it.

For me, and for many others, this is a great way to feel good about the purchases you make. That you don’t have to spend all of your money on showcasing your personal style, on finding things that you feel comfortable in. Even with the furniture and interior design, I like to find those pieces that surprise you and make your home unique.

You see it all over TikTok and other social media sites, people showing off their great second-hand finds.

Like the conversations against “fast fashion” (see the Reddit thread r / ethicalfashion) brands and its negative effects on the environment continue, more and more people are turning to savings to reduce their carbon footprint.

All that interest, here are some of the best stores in Jackson

Sure, bigger names in the thrift game like Goodwill and St. Vincent come into play in Jackson and are on the next list, but there are a few local stores that are pretty powerful as well.

10 Used Outlets in Jackson, MI

Second-hand shopping isn’t just a more sustainable way to shop, it’s also so much fun and really puts your style and creativity to the test. Fortunately, Jackson has plenty of places to find your next treasure.

Things to keep in mind while saving

It’s easy, with prices as low as retail, to get carried away by impulse buying. However, take the time to determine if you really need the item (s), if you will actually use them, or if it is just going to sit in a pile with other procrastinated DIY projects that you COULD one day make. .

There are a lot of people and families who still rely on thrift stores for the clothes they need, household supplies, dishes, etc.

Plus, if you buy used items to protect the environment, so much the better! Just make sure you buy parts that you will use and don’t just end up in a landfill.

That being said, good luck and good savings!

Here’s a look at a few abandoned brands where thrift stores will likely be the only place we’ll ever see them again:

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In addition to some chain stores, you may still be able to find relics of:

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