10 Movie Cameos That Almost Happened, But Failed At The Last Minute


There are no small roles, the saying goes. Many actors are known to play minor roles and have them stick in the minds of the public. Cameos are a great example. Many famous actors have taken on cameo roles, and while some are sadly overlooked, others have made movies all the better for it.

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Unfortunately, not all cameos make it to the big screen. Often, a planned appearance is left on the floor of the editing room. Sometimes it’s for the best. Not every cameo will make a movie better. Even so, it’s fun to imagine what the film might have looked like had specific artists been in the final cut.

ten Ben Affleck – Elektra: Alone but still in love

The fallout from 2003 daredevil, Electra stars Jennifer Garner as Daredevil’s ex-girlfriend, who is brought back from the dead and sent on a journey of self-discovery. Although Elektra’s adventure with Daredevil influences parts of the story, Electra is a standalone film.

That being said, Ben Affleck, who played Daredevil in the previous film, was supposed to make an appearance. He would appear to Elektra in a dream and promise to wait for her, and she would wake up. However, the scene was eventually cut and released on DVD as a deleted scene.

Having worked with Harrison Ford on The Raiders of the Lost ArkSteven Spielberg decided to make him a small appearance in AND the extra-terrestrial as the principal character’s school principal.

Related: Harrison Ford’s 10 Best PerformancesIn the scene, Elliot, the protagonist, sits in the principal’s office after disrupting biology class. Ford’s face is in shadow as he lectures Elliot about the dangers of drugs, but Elliot is more frightened by his levitating chair, which rises behind the headmaster’s back and falls before his mother do not enter. It’s a fun scene, but unfortunately it disrupted the flow of the film and had to be cut.

8 William Shatner – Stark Trek 2009: Too proud to be small

Of all the relationships formed in the Star Trek franchise, the friendship between Spock and James T. Kirk has been a fan favorite since the original series aired in 1966. This friendship was recreated in the series reboot. of films as young Spock and Kirk overcome their differences to save their planet.

The film also planned to pay homage to Kirk and Spock’s original friendship. The idea was to have Spock play a recording of Kirk from the previous timeline, played by William Shatner, wishing Spock a happy birthday. However, Shatner refused to appear in the film unless he had a larger role, but the filmmakers believed this would detract from the film and deleted the scene altogether.

seven Marlon Brando – The Godfather Part II: Be Careful How You Treat Others

Nothing like a flashback to show a character’s pain and regret. Michael Corleone has such a flashback in The Godfather Part II. In the flashback, his family celebrates his father’s birthday and he announces that he is going to fight in World War II. The scene is a little gem, adding dimension to the characters and their relationships.

Originally, Marlon Brando was supposed to make a flashback appearance as Vito Corleone, Michael’s father. However, Brando was still upset by Paramount’s treatment of him while filming the first. Godfather film and did not show up for the shoot.

6 Jeremy Renner – Captain America: The Winter Soldier: the logic of the story rather than realism

As an agent of SHIELD, it would have made sense for Hawkeye to be involved in the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He almost was too. During filming, the filmmakers shot a scene of Hawkeye fighting Steve Rogers under orders from SHIELD. Hawkeye doesn’t yet know SHIELD has been compromised, and Steve tries to tell him.

Related: Hawkeye: Clint Barton’s 10 Best Quotes In The MCUHowever, the filmmakers decided that Hawkeye either had to get more screen time or be cut from the film altogether for the film to work as they intended. They chose to kick him out and the public never gets an explanation as to why he didn’t join the fight.

5 Tom Hiddleston – Age of Ultron: too confusing for some

During the fight between Ultron and the Avengers in Johannesburg, Ultron rookie Wanda Maximoff hallucinates the Avengers and shows them their worst nightmares. Thor hallucinates the destruction of Asgard and the death of its people. However, Wanda does her job a little too well, inadvertently giving Thor a vision of the upcoming Infinity War.

At first, the filmmakers intended to have Loki in Thor’s vision. However, test audiences found the scene too confusing, and it was ultimately cut from the final film. It’s a shame because Thor was probably still grieving for his brother, who he thought was dead at the time.

4 Jeff Goldblum – Captain America: First Avenger: A Blessing in Disguise

Before Marvel had the idea to cast Jeff Goldblum in Thor: Ragnarokthey originally wanted him to play a much smaller role in Captain America: The First Avenger. The character he was supposed to play was the senator Brandt, the U.S. Senator who leads Steve Roger’s brief propaganda campaign and is not seen again after Steve joins the military for real.

Although Goldblum would have played the role, it’s probably just as well that he doesn’t appear in The First Avenger. Otherwise, audiences wouldn’t have seen him play the hilarious, quirky grandmaster.

3 Stan Lee – Guardians of the Galaxy: a disturbing cameo in power

Although Stan Lee made an appearance in guardians of the galaxy, the role he was originally going to play was very different from the one he ended up with. Rather than being an old ladies’ man, he would be one of the collector’s many exhibits. At least it would be a stuntman who looked like him.

However, the filmmakers probably thought the sight of Stan Lee in a glass display case would be too disturbing for viewers, so they cut the scene and went with the less gruesome idea instead.

2 Nathan Fillion – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The New MCU Poster

Ever since Marvel announced a live-action Wonder Man series, fans have been clamoring for actor Nathan Fillion to play the titular hero. A major reason for this is a deleted scene from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Related: 5 Sci-Fi Series Wrongfully Canceled After 1 Season (& 5 That Lasted Too Long)In the scene, the face of Fillion, aka Wonder Man, appears on a movie poster alongside a bunch of other posters, including one promoting a Tony Stark biopic. It’s a reference to Wonder Man’s daily work as an actor. However, the scene was ultimately cut, leaving fans wanting a proper appearance for Fillion as Wonder Man.

1 David Bowie – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: The stars come together

The mid-credits and post-credits scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 featured many celebrity cameos. In the mid-credits scene, Sylvester Stallone plays Stakar Ogord, a Ravager leader who once served under Yondu. On the scene, he recruits the former members of his team to commit crimes and wreak havoc. One of those team members, the Mainframe robot head, is played by famed artist Miley Cyrus.

Interestingly, Cyrus was actually the filmmakers’ second choice. Their first choice was David Bowie.

Even though they never got to shoot a scene with him, Bowie’s casting was planned until his death in 2016. It wasn’t until after that they decided to cast someone else.

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