10 ways the GameCube was the last console for real gaming enthusiasts


The video game the industry is always forward looking and strives to push the medium to new and exciting places that continue to prove the value of video games as a legitimate art form. There are many important players in the gaming industry, but Nintendo is a developer which still plays a crucial role in the direction of the game.

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Nintendo has had its ups and downs when it comes to consoles and it’s hard to believe that their playful Gamecube console is now 20 years old. Nintendo has improved its Gamecube formula with its subsequent contributions to the console, but some consider the Gamecube to be the last real console for hardcore gaming enthusiasts.

ten The Sterling line of launch titles from the console

Gamecube Luigi's Mansion Baby Ghost Video Games

Sometimes it takes a while for a video game console to find its place and establish a solid library of games, but there is always a lot of pressure on the original launch titles that debut with a new console. A console’s launch titles can say a lot about the console’s intentions. The Gamecube kicks off with an impressive and diverse library that draws inspiration from Nintendo’s past and looks to the future as well. The US launch of the Gamecube contains classics like Luigi’s Mansion, Rogue Squadron II, Wave Race: Blue Storm, and Super monkey ball.

9 Focus on the four-player multiplayer experience

The Nintendo 64 opened new doors for Nintendo with a console that offers a four player experience right out of the box. The Gamecube is not regressing in this area and it is better to prioritize a roster of games that cater to a party that can be enjoyed by several people rather than a single player. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Kart: Double Dash !!, F-Zero GX, and a number of Mario party and sports titles are only a fraction of multiplayer games. The Gamecube even had the power to deliver more robust multiplayer experiences, LAN games, and limited online capabilities.

8 The WaveBird wireless controller

Video game controllers can sometimes make or break the reception of a console by the public and the Gamecube certainly has one of the strangest controllers that pack in a lot of functions. The Gamecube controller might seem a bit awkward and busy, but it’s a perfect tool for what Gamecube titles offer.

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A major advancement for the Gamecube was the introduction of their WaveBird wireless controllers, which provided an even more comfortable experience. Wireless WaveBirds have become standard for Gamecube gamers and have helped educate future Nintendo controllers.

7 Advanced connectivity with the Game Boy Advance

Gamecube Game Boy Advance Link Cable Connect Video Games

Nintendo has made a name for itself because of some of their unconventional approaches to console gaming and how titles can be experienced. This level of experimentation began to grow during the development of the Gamecube, and Nintendo found inspired ways to combine their Portable Game Boy Advance with their living room console. The Gamecube can connect with the Game Boy Advance for additional functionality, or even to function as an additional controller. There are also tons of DLC which are accessible via the GBA e-Reader which is specific to the Gamecube.

6 It embraces stranger peripherals and playstyles for the first time

Video Games Gamecube Donkey Konga DK Bongos Gameplay

Video game consoles have reached a point where extravagant peripherals, some of which only match one game, have become attractive to a certain sect of dedicated gamers. The Gamecube takes real risks in this area, which pushes the boundaries of what is expected of the console and how its games can be played. The Gamecube featured creative controllers such as DK Bongos, ASCII keyboard controller, a Hori Fighting Stick, and a Dance Pad for Dance Dance Revolution securities. There are even accessories that convert the PlayStation 2 DualShock controllers to work on the Gamecube.

5 Its easily transportable console

Gamecube Video Game Console Handle

What’s most important with a video game console is the technology inside and its stability, but the focus is always on the aesthetic aspects of a console and its physical appearance. Just as the name of the Gamecube suggests, the Nintendo console is a compact cube, light and easy to carry.

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This is further simplified by the use of the Gamecube carrying handle. In addition, there are removable LCD screens for the Gamecube, which allows the console to become fully portable and can operate without even using a TV.

4 It can be turned into a karaoke machine and DVD player

First and foremost, a video game console should excel when it comes to video games, but there are many examples where the added features of a console have allowed it to outperform the competition. The Gamecube is a complete package, but drastic improvements are possible. Panasonic has partnered with Nintendo to produce versions of the consoles with DVD players, turning it into a multimedia device. There are also peripherals that turn the Gamecube into a karaoke machine, which makes having fun with friends of a whole different kind.

3 He is a player dedicated to Game Boy games on the big screen

Video Games Gamecube Nintendo Game Boy Player Advert

One of Nintendo’s biggest advantages throughout the console wars was that it was a company that not only took on the home console market, but also had a rich history in portable games. Nintendo came up with different ways to combine these different game streams. The Gamecube Game Boy Player, like the Super Nintendo Super Game Boy before it, allows audiences to play Game Boy titles from the comfort of their TV. It brings a whole new library of titles for people who initially missed them or didn’t get into handheld games.

2 He popularized microphone and voice chat for Nintendo

Micro Video Game Device Gamecube

Nintendo has led the way in many areas of the game, but one stream they continue to struggle in is online features and a great online multiplayer experience. Nintendo’s progress has been minimal here, but the Gamecube makes creative use of a microphone device. The N64 featured a microphone of extremely limited capacity, but the Gamecube makes it a more justified accessory. It is useful in Mario party 6 and 7, but also integrated into more vocal games, like Odama.

1 They became a major partner of Sega after the failure of the Dreamcast

Gamecube Skies Of Arcadia Legends Party Video Game

The landscape of the video game industry has gradually changed through the different generations of games. Sega was once a major developer who could compete with Nintendo as a serious competitor. Unfortunately the Dreamcast marked the end of Sega’s first-party efforts and they turned to third-party cross-platform versions. Sega released games for Xbox and PlayStation 2, but it often felt like they had a stronger connection to Nintendo’s Gamecube. Some of the most promising Gamecube titles are Sega offerings that improve on technology from Nintendo.

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