25 modern inventions we don’t really use anymore – 24/7 Wall St.


Most of the technology we use today, especially the smartphone, has completely taken over what were considered pioneering devices just a few decades ago. But almost every gadget today has an early version that changed the way people live.

Advances in design and technology have taken original products from the market but not from history. To compile this list of pioneering inventions that hardly anyone uses anymore, 24/7 Tempo examined company websites, background documents, and media sources. We looked at products that have been invented for the most part over the past 150 years and that have dramatically changed the way people do a task or communicate.

The idea that the smartphone is cutting edge technology may make teens laugh, but there was a time when people didn’t have everything available at the push of a button. Long distance communication was unknown and listening to music on the go was a new concept.

While there are many fairly recent inventions that we have almost forgotten, many of today’s favorite ideas, tools, and even foods can be traced back to the ancient world. Here are 20 ancient inventions that we still use today.

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