2E RUE TAIWAN CO., LTD. will open a sixth store in Taiwan, 2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong, on September 30, 2021, in Taichung City, Taiwan


NAGOYA, Japan, September 17, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – 2ND STREET TAIWAN CO., LTD., A subsidiary of GEO Holdings (TOKYO: 2681), is scheduled to open 2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong on September 30, 2021. It will be the sixth store in Taiwan for 2ND STREET TAIWAN CO., LTD.

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2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong, store exterior (Photo: Business Wire)

In Japan, GEO Holdings has more than 2,000 stores and EC stores, including GEO Shops, which sells and rents DVDs, CDs and video games, and 2ND STREET, which manages the sale of a full selection of products from the UK. used, including clothing, furniture, and household appliances. In early 2018, the first 2ND STREET stores outside of Japan started opening in the United States and Malaysia. The first store in Taiwan opened in August 2020, and this store, 2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong, will be the sixth.

2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong will open in Yizhong Commercial Zone, a bustling area centered on Yizhong Street in the northern district of Taichung City. Yizhong Street has many universities and preparatory schools nearby and is bustling with young people visiting the restaurants and food stalls that line the street day and night. The area is popular with locals and visitors alike, with many fashion boutiques on the adjacent street.

2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong will carry approximately 10,000 luxury items for reuse, including clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories, carefully selected from the plentiful inventory purchased from approximately 700 2ND STREET stores in Japan. These items will include selections of Japanese designer brands as well as internationally renowned luxury brands. The line of items will also include quality selections at reasonable prices from designer brands and boutiques in the United States and Europe.
The store will be set up, as is the case for 2ND STREET stores in Japan, so as to categorize the different items and genres, making it easier to find what you are looking for. It will also include venues to show and sell the latest fashion trends, including street styles.
Now that a buyer training program is in place, within a short period of time for Taiwan, a buying service will begin when the store opens.
Stores that will open in the future also plan to offer a shopping service, in addition to selling, when stores open.

2ND Street Taiwan plans to open three additional stores by the end of March 2022.

2nd STREET Taichung Yizhong

Opening date :

Thursday, September 30, 2021 local time


No. 102, Section 3, Sanmin Rd, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan

Business hours:

11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Floor space:

4,590 square feet

Products on sale:

A total of more than 10,000 items, including clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.



5F-11, 41 Nanjing W. Rd., Datong District, Taipei


NTD 28 million (100% subsidiary of the GEO group)

Creation date:

August 30, 2019


Sadaharu Deguchi

Activity Descrition:

Store management and wholesale of used clothing and accessories

GEO Holdings

GEO Holdings is a retail company, listed in the First Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with annual sales of 300 billion yen. It operates over 2,000 stores and EC stores in a wide variety of retail formats, including GEO stores which sell and rent DVDs, CDs and video games, 2ND STREET stores which operate a full selection of clothing, used furniture and appliances, as well as bargain stores and discount stationery stores.
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