7 most interesting facts about Peter Jackson’s unrealized Halo movie


2008 announced a major expansion of the hugely popular Halo franchise. What was once only in video game and book form could very well be on the big screen as a big-budget movie. Furthermore, The Lord of the Rings and King Kong director Peter Jackson could be the one to direct it.

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Then the concert seemed to be Chappie director Neill Blomkamp, ​​with Jackson still as executive producer. At the end, Halo was dropped with Blomkamp and Jackson focusing on District 9 instead of. Even still, there are plenty of clues out there as to what the Jackson Halo the movie would have been.

7 It would have been live action

Halo canceled the Peter Jackson game

Peter Jackson makes his Halo live action seems like a no-brainer. However, given that Jackson worked with Steven Spielberg in 2011 The Adventures of Tintin, there was at least a possibility that it was computer animated.

Fortunately, according to Halopedics, the movie was still going to be live. Providing the SFX would be Jackson’s own WETA workshop with WETA Digital. Considering how magnificent the mix of practical and computer-generated effects is in its the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it’s safe to assume that Jackson’s cinematic interpretation Halothe most difficult missions of would have been breathtaking.

6 There would also have been a game called Halo Chronicles.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Weapon Spawns Reach Halo 5

When the Halo the movie fell, just like Jackson’s Halo Chronicles. It was to be an episodic game (an angle that’s used more frequently in video games now) created in collaboration between Bungie and WingNut.

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Jackson is a master at bringing in a massive scope while keeping it palatable. The Halo the series is perfect for that skill, and it seems Jackson was far from content with keeping his job with the franchise relegated to one movie.


5 It wouldn’t have been just a movie

Close-up on Master Chief in Halo 4

Jackson gave an interview during X06, according to Fandom Halo, which shed some light on what he was planning. “The Halo movie … it’s not a game, it’s not a movie, it’s a combination of the two. It won’t be like a traditional gaming experience, but neither will it be like watching a DVD where you passively sit and let everything unfold in front of you. “

In short, Jackson’s version of Halo would have been a truly immersive experience where viewers stand alongside Master Chief as he delivers his badass quotes. Sounds like the kind of thing that would do better in 2021 than the mid to late years.

4 A fully functional warthog was built

Forza Horizon 5 includes Halo Warthog, jpg

Just like the Halo the game franchise has iconic weapons, it has iconic vehicles. The most famous of all would easily be the Warthog. Other games have placed weapons on vehicles, but the Warthog’s ease of handling and intimidating appearance have made it an icon in video game history.

According to Halopedics, a fully functional, drivable warthog had not only been planned but constructed. The final design stayed very true to the in-game version of the Warthog and would have been great to see on screen. In a way, fans got to see this vehicle, as it was reused for District 9.

3 It wouldn’t all have been Jackson

Whether Peter Jackson directed or just produced Halo, it wouldn’t have been just his ball game. Microsoft is extremely protective of Halo, they should also consider it their cash cow.

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For the film to be made, Microsoft needed $ 10 million as well as 15% of the Halo box office of the film. Fox was the only studio to agree to these conditions. However, Microsoft also wanted final casting approval and director selection. In short, whoever ended up directing it, the film would not have strayed but so far from the original Microsoft IP.

2 The screenplay was by Alex Garland

Halo Season 8 patch notes: Master Chief Collection

Once attached to Halo alongside Jackson and Blomkamp was none other than Alex Garland. In addition to writing and directing Annihilation a Ex Machina, Garland wrote excellent films such as Dredd, never let me go, and 28 days later.

It was this last project that aroused the interest of those working on Halo. Specifically, Garland’s interpretation of the zombie made producers curious as to how he could tackle himself. Halois notorious The Flood. Garland has a way of making genre movies that are more like character parts, so it would be hard to imagine him not doing it. Halo feel even more mature and realistic. Its screenplay could very well have led to one of Peter Jackson’s best movies.

1 The parcel

head master halo

According to Rant, the plot for the Halo the film would have remained fairly close to the overall narrative of video games.

It’s also a tailor-made plot for a film trilogy. Mankind is losing an alien war called Covenant. They then discover a ringworld called Halo. In this ring, they find the real villain of the film, The Flood. It’s a narrative progression that has been tackled effectively before. Have matchable humans fight a threat they think is the greatest of all time, only to get it wrong and team up with their foe to defeat it.

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