8 Things Fans Don’t Know About Asuka’s Life Outside WWE


In an industry dominated by male performers, there have only been a few female wrestlers who have had an impact equal to that of their male counterparts. Current WWE Superstar and 18-year veteran Asuka is one of those wrestlers who have revolutionized women’s wrestling over the years. Since making her debut in 2004, Asuka has achieved tremendous success as an in-ring competitor and has won numerous championships over the years.

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While fans are well aware of Asuka’s exploits in the professional wrestling arena, there are some aspects of her life outside of the business that they may not be aware of. With that said, let’s take a look at eight things fans might not know about Asuka’s life outside of WWE and wrestling.


8 She owns a hair salon

One of the most unique features of Asuka’s attire is the different hair colors she has displayed over the years. It seems that the Empress of Tomorrow has a natural talent when it comes to hair styling, as she has her own hair salon in Yokohama, Japan named Another Heaven.

It also looks like the salon is doing some good business, and even former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega was a customer, as Asuka thanked him for visiting her salon in 2016.

seven She was a burning model

While fans are used to seeing Asuka as a fierce competitor inside the ring, they may not be aware of her days as an etching model. Printmaking idols are female models who mostly pose for magazines, photobooks and DVDs.

Asuka had a brief stint as a model in her early days and released three burned DVDs titled Manifesto. The first edition was released in 2011, while the second and third followed in 2012 and 2015. She and fellow professional wrestler Mio Shirai also released a burned DVD together titled Sadistic Tails in 2012.

6 Had a passion for figure skating

While most of Asuka’s other endeavors outside of WWE are well known to fans, her brief stint in figure skating went under the radar. Ahead of her WrestleMania 34 match against Charlotte Flair, Asuka sat down for an interview with Xavier Woods alongside Shinsuke Nakamura, where she revealed her early figure skating exploits.

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She said she started figure skating around the age of ten, but only trained for a year. If she hadn’t pursued a career in professional wrestling, she might have won several medals in Japan in figure skating at several Winter Olympics.

5 She worked as a video game journalist and graphic designer

Another face of Asuka that fans may not know is that she is an avid gamer and also used her wits to work as a video game journalist in her early years. She also worked as a graphic designer before choosing to pursue a career in professional wrestling. She designed graphics for Nintendo and various mobile apps over the years and even opened her own graphic design agency when she first retired in 2006 before finally finding her way back into the ring.

It just proves that Asuka is a multi-talented woman and could have easily made it in any career if she hadn’t chosen a career as a professional wrestler.

Asuka has made serious progress as a video game journalist, as she has secured major sponsorships from a major corporation.

Impressed with her work, Microsoft chose to sponsor her wrestling career and paid a decent amount of money to use the Xbox 360 logo on her gear. This helped the company market the console to Japanese wrestling fans and the general public, while Asuka saw it, which helped her take her wrestling career to the next level.

3 His net worth

Asuka is one of the biggest names on WWE’s current roster, and her contract with the company is said to be worth $350,000 per year. As mentioned earlier, she also has several business ventures outside of WWE, and with everything combined, her net worth would be around $1 million.

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While that might not seem like a lot compared to other top wrestlers on the roster, The Empress of Tomorrow has a great chance of getting more opportunities in WWE with Triple H in charge of creating the company. This could lead to her getting a more lucrative WWE contract if she chooses to stay with the company in the future.

2 Has his own YouTube channel

Although Asuka may not speak much in WWE as she is not fluent in English, she knows her Japanese and she chose to express herself more to her fans by opening her YouTube channel KanaChanTV.

She posts gaming and lifestyle content on her channel and regularly posts videos. She took a short break last year, but started posting regularly again from May 2022. She covers a wide variety of content on her channel, including games, cooking, ASMR, exercise, Japanese culture, food vlogs and recently started car reviews as well.

1 She’s a mother

Although she is continually in the limelight, Asuka has done well to keep her personal life well hidden from the outside world, and only those close to her know her personal family details. Becky Lynch, who is one of Asuka’s closest colleagues, revealed that the Empress of Tomorrow is a mother.

While talking about handing the Raw Women’s Championship to Asuka before going on maternity leave, Becky Lynch revealed that the moment was very special because Asuka was also a mother. It’s still unclear how many children the former Women’s Champion has and what her current relationship status is, but it’s truly inspiring to know how well Asuka manages to balance her personal life with her illustrious professional wrestling career.


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