A Quiet Place and It stars team up for remake of iconic horror movie


A quiet placeby Noah Jupe and This Star Jaeden Martell set to star in upcoming remake of iconic vampire horror The lost boys.

Featuring The Goonies“Corey Feldman, Bill & Tedit’s Alex Winter, I care a lotby Dianne Wiest and 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland, the 1987 original followed Michael and Sam, two brothers who moved to California with their mother after she separated from her husband.

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In no time, the young people discover that their new hometown is terrorized by a gang of super stylish biker vampires.

In an attempt to protect everyone from the rowdy leeches, the boys call in comic-loving siblings Edgar and Alan who see themselves as vampire hunters.

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He then spawned two direct DVD sequels, Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost boys: thirst.

Jonathan Entwistle, the filmmaker behind Netflix I don’t agree with that, is on board to lead the new franchise outing, working with a storyline from Bedrooms writer Randy McKinnon. Zac Frognowski and Josh Glick will be the executive producers.

According to Hollywood journalist, the publication that broke the news, the release will take place nowadays. Other than that, details remain secret.

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Apart from the two A quiet place movies, Jupe, 16, has appeared in titles such as The night manager, The defeat with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, No sudden movement and honey boy.

Martell’s most recent work includes Defend Jacob and Knives Out, opposite Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis and Daniel Craig, and will then be seen in a musical drama Lords of Metal on Netflix.

It: Chapter 1 and It: Chapter 2 are out now.

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