A Sega Dreamcast Retro collection is long overdue


Sega has released many versions of the Genesis and Master System collections on various platforms while the Dreamcast games continue to be left on the shelves.

It seems like retro game collections are everywhere these days, whether it’s a single franchise or a selection of console-specific games. It’s a great way to bring back hard-to-find titles and present forgotten gems to the world. The problem is, most of the collections released tend to stick with some of the more popular consoles or franchises and leave others out. It leaves behind many other great games and consoles in the preservation world, and the Sega Dreamcast is just one of many that deserve a day in the sun.

The Sega Dreamcast was released in 1999 and featured superior hardware than other popular consoles of the time – the N64 and the original PlayStation. It also had a library of good arcade ports as well as its own exclusive titles and even some PC game console versions, thanks to its custom Windows operating system. However, it fell into obscurity until recent years due to Sega’s console slowdown and the release of the PlayStation 2 the following year, which also served as a cheap DVD player.

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With the Dreamcast’s lifespan only being three years, many of its games were discontinued while others, such as Radio Jet Set, continued to be part of the original Xbox library due to Sega’s relationship with Microsoft. Many titles have not received a reissue or have not been made available through backward compatibility. There aren’t even any solid Dreamcast emulators to hack said games, meaning the only way to play them is to find a working Dreamcast and the physical games or at least a working hacked version. The prices of consoles and games have increased like many retro games due to collector’s value – the rarest going into the hundreds of dollars regardless of their physical quality.

There are also some very good titles. Cannon tip is an arcade shmup from Capcom that has never been re-released or remade, it’s fun alone or with a friend. Elemental gadget gear, Where EGG, is a colorful, uniquely styled RPG that had fun adventure and mechanics. These two games more or less disappeared with the demise of Dreamcast. That’s why instead of releasing a Sega Genesis or Master System collection again, the Dreamcast should be the one that gets a collectible version. There are plenty of great games for first-time gamers to experience or for Dreamcast fans to enjoy again.

There is also a good variety of games for more than one type of collection. With all the arcade games, shooters love house of death and fighting games like Capcom vs. SNK 2, there’s more than enough for a Dreamcast arcade collection. Despite its short lifespan, it had a sturdy library that players would have access to. The Switch has already received an N64 library as part of the Nintendo Online subscription upgrade, so why not add the Dreamcast from a similar era or give it a standalone collectible version just like the many Sega Genesis collections?

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