An alleged victim of abuse testifies


By Latrishka Thomas

A 16-year-old boy told court yesterday that he received 65 “beatings” from his father in one of his hands after his stepmother “inflicted” his punishments until his father could inflict them.

A married couple from Potters are on trial in St. John’s Magistrates’ Court, charged with endangering their son on July 28, 2020 by beating him when he was 15.

The first witness was the neighbor who reported the matter to the police.

He told the court that he had gone to a Hispanic woman’s home to set up his DVD player when he heard “shots being shot in the back.”

“I stood in the room for half an hour and got up and heard,” he said.

He said that after he left he called a particular officer in the village and on returning home he saw one of the accused’s sons – the victim’s younger brother – in the backyard.

“The little boy’s face is scratching as if someone is holding him by the face and his fingernails are scratching him, he is limping [and] he was holding his ear, “said the witness.

During her cross-examination, defense lawyer Saska Diamond sought to establish whether the witness had actually seen something or if he was only speculating based on what he thought he had heard.

The second witness was another villager who said that she had met one of the sons one day, with a limp, and that he had what she thought was slime on his face, but when she looked from Closer, she realized that he had an ear injury that was leaking some sort of fluid.

She said when she asked him about it he seemed nervous and scared. She then took a look under his shirt, behind his neck, and noticed bruises.

The woman said she tried to get help by contacting the police and the youth intervention and was advised not to confront the defendants directly as this could worsen the child’s situation. .

The third witness was the alleged victim – now in the care of her half-sister – who testified and told the court that he typically receives 15-20 lashes for serious misconduct.

But on the night of July 13, he received 65 beatings which were compiled from things he allegedly committed while his father was away, he said.

He revealed that he was being punished because he stole a donkey, lied and didn’t stop his brother from taking a bucket they cut cane from before selling it.

He said all of the eyelashes were in his right hand which was swollen afterwards, but “I didn’t cry because it made no sense to cry,” he said, also indicating that the “belt was worn out “.

The defense then questioned the victim to determine if the scrapes and bruises his younger brother allegedly had were due to beatings, and he said they were not due to lashes, but rather games. .

The trial was then adjourned until January 11, 2022. Chief Justice Joanne Walsh is presiding over the case.


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