Asia-Pacific Animation and Visual Effects Market Report 2022: $50.4


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Global consumers are showing a growing appetite for engaging, high-definition viewing experiences. Moviegoers demand high-quality productions with engaging visual effects and realistic animation, and studios are including more animations and VFX shots in films.

Consumers are consuming more immersive content on channels ranging from ultra-high definition TVs, tablets and smartphones to head-mounted devices. Animation, visual effects and gaming content is consumed not only on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Twitch, but also on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. With increasing internet penetration and access to multimedia devices, customers are spending more time streaming digital content.

Streaming video is the fastest growing animation distribution channel and is growing in double digits and the same is expected to continue. This growth is attributed to the exponential growth in the number of online video viewers across the world.

The demand for animation, visual effects and video games has increased with the increase in targeted cable and satellite broadcast hours, the availability of low-cost Internet access, the penetration of mobile devices as well as the growing popularity of streaming video. Additionally, the demand for animation and visual effects content to power immersive experiences such as augmented reality and virtual reality is growing exponentially.

Rapid advances in technology have made animation, visual effects and games accessible to more people, and this industry has become one of the fastest growing segments of the global media and entertainment market. We are seeing more and more animation, VFX and game production taking place in a globally distributed fashion. Production work is going global with countries as well as regions offering tax incentives, subsidies, financial support, low regional labor costs, and more. and companies reduce their costs by setting up facilities in these regions.

Cloud computing plays a key role in character rendering and modeling processes, as cloud-based rendering of anime movies is more effective and efficient as it reduces time and cost compared to traditional rendering.

Emerging trends in the animation and visual effects industry

  • The combination of live action and animation will change the form, as well as the content, of cinematic animation.
  • Animation is no longer a profession limited to animators with an increasing participation of IT professionals, programmers, technicians etc.
  • The evolution of visual effects (VFX), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) technologies is dramatically changing both the creation and consumption of movies, videos, games, and more.
  • The adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality will drive the demand for animation content.
  • Production work moves around the world – tax incentives, low regional labor costs and subsidies push existing companies to cut costs and establish facilities in tax-advantaged or low-cost regions .
  • Media consumption habits are changing rapidly, movie release windows are shrinking, and following markets are shifting from TV, cable, DVD and rental to streaming and digital downloads.
  • The international film market in several emerging markets is growing rapidly and creating new opportunities. Regulations in several countries limit imported animation content without some local involvement, and studios work with local partners to produce content.
  • Although 2D animation will survive, it will largely be in the form of hybrid 2D/3D animation. In addition to lowering costs, using CGI for backgrounds allows for a more dynamic camera. The training offered to animators is skewed towards CGI, and artists with traditional 2D skills are therefore increasingly hard to find.
  • Changing viewing habits favor short productions as a form of entertainment. Viewing habits generally favor short content that can be produced quickly and cheaply.
  • Merchandise is already a major form of revenue generation for animated films and in the future it could be a much larger portion of revenue.
  • The cloud offers an elastic and scalable solution as well as a shift from a traditional capital expenditure model to an operational expenditure model.
  • Cloud-based rendering of animated films is more effective and efficient as it reduces time and cost compared to traditional rendering machines. Cloud computing offers a flexible and scalable solution to the problem faced by studio infrastructures that do not adapt well to new workflows.

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