Aubrey Plaza: 5 movies that made me want to be an actor


Lest her tongue-in-cheek delivery and devastating gaze fool you, Aubrey Plaza is an actress who takes her craft seriously. “I have an acting coach [Ivana Chubbuck] who I’ve worked with on every movie I’ve been in except the very first movie I was in,” she says. “I love his approach, because it’s about reclaiming your power.”

After breaking the Parks and recreation — alongside parts in Scott Pilgrim vs the world and Judd Apatow funny people – Plaza overcame all early typography to curate a resume where no two performances are alike: the budding deranged influencer Ingrid goes westthe sadistic nun of The small hoursor the rejected but sympathetic ex in The happiest season.

It’s no coincidence, as Plaza has taken her career into her own hands, producing many of the projects she stars in (including Ingrid goes west and The Little Hoursas well as the 2020s Black bear). His last films are the thriller Criminal Emilywhich could be his first dramatic role to speak of, and the outlandish comedy spin me around, directed by her husband and frequent collaborator, Jeff Baena. Plaza produced both.

“I want to be in a great movie so badly and not just a good movie or an okay movie. I want to be in movies that people remember and want to see again. Because there are so many movies being made, and it’s hard to be in a movie that really stands out,” she says. “So for me it’s about trying to find a movie that might be great.”

Below, Plaza shares with A.frame five great movies that inspired her the most in life.


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