Battle Angel means more than you think


At the start of “Alita: Battle Angel”, Hugo buys a chocolate bar from Alita as part of his discovery and fascination with the human world. Eating chocolate is something that she has never tasted before and that she immediately loves, of course. As the young cyborg takes her first bites of the sweet treat, she immediately cherishes it and exclaims, “This is so awesome! I have a favorite food now,” much to Hugo’s delight.

Luckily for Alita, that bite of chocolate that inspires love of food isn’t a mass-produced candy. The bar used in “Alita” is actually made by director Robert Rodriguez at his home. Known for cooking for the actors of his projects, Rodriguez confirmed his work in the film in a 2019 Nerd reactor maintenance. He explained, “The chocolate she eats in there, I made this chocolate. I made the bar. I’m a chocolatier. It’s in the movie. I usually have everyone at my house. and I cook for everyone, and that’s part of the fun of the film project. “

And if you want to make Alita’s Iron City chocolate at home, now you can. Rodriguez shot a cooking school featurette for DVD (via Youtube) so that fans have a way to produce the delicious treat themselves. Hopefully if you end up doing it, it will be a nice treat to enjoy while watching “Alita: Battle Angel” again.


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