Best bookstores around Woodland Hills



It’s no secret that since the advent of the Internet, most people have shifted from print books to online stories, e-readers and other more “convenient” methods of consuming their favorite literature. But just like the recent resurgence of the vinyl record – seeming to come out of nowhere – the concept of reading a hardcover or paperback book has come back into vogue in some circles, perhaps never at a better time given all that. the tension everyone seems to be going through lately. .

Indeed, there is something so relaxing and magical about curling up with a good book in good light, relaxing while sipping your favorite wine, and if you share that sentiment, the following recommended bookstores around Woodland Hills will help you indulge in your next special find.

Comics / inverted discs, located at 19950 Ventura Boulevard, has a huge selection of modern and vintage comics, vinyl records, collectible toys, books and more, with the store’s comic book inventory in particular constantly drawing attention. collection fanatics across the Golden State. With over 200,000 books to choose from spanning decades, you’re bound to find all those long-lost back issues you’ve been looking for – or uncover new treasures. Opposite side also offers a wide selection of CDs, cassettes, concert posters and musical memorabilia.

David Kaye Books and Memories, located at 22745 Ventura Boulevard, specializing in rare books, original movie posters, celebrity autographs and other unique entertainment memorabilia, often called “the best book and collectibles store in Los Angeles dealing with early editions , rare autographed copies, books about Southern California, and movie posters signed “by her legions of fans. Perfect for the discerning collector of literary ephemera and show business, David Kaye and his boutique have been in business for quite some time, gaining a reputation for being fair, honest and easygoing.

Books of the next chapter, located at 21616 Sherman Way in Canoga Park, is the area’s premier used book store since 2006, providing a local family-owned shopping experience dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and high quality used and rare books for its cherished customers. This exceptional service was recognized in 2010 when Next chapter was voted on Best bookstore in the Daily News Readers’ Choice Award, the site featuring tens of thousands of titles on a wide range of topics and types, including hardbacks, paperbacks, and audiobooks ranging from the latest releases to collectibles. Some of the store’s specialties include US Military History, Aviation & Space, Biographies (US Presidents / Music / Movie / General Bios), Mysteries, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Westerns, Religion and Fine arts.

Bookstore at $ 10 or less, located at 8727 Tampa Avenue in Northridge, helps keep the spirit of classic bookstores alive with the personal touch that only a physical store can provide. If you yearn for the ‘bygone’ days of private businesses run by moms and friends that weren’t part of a big franchise system – an industry on the endangered species list that keeps growing. expand – you’ll love $ 10 or less. The shelves here are restocked daily, so there is always something new to look for, and the store has a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction titles in addition to CDs, DVDs, vinyls, and cassettes. Visit the Antiquities Room for browsing old magazines, photographs, jewelry and more, and if your home is filled with speed readers, there’s a whole kids’ section for kids and young adults.

Spiral staircase, located at 128 Old Topanga Canyon Road in Topanga, sits in an iconic location in the center of town and is attached to The hostel Seventh Ray. Here you will find ‘happy new age’ gifts, books, jewelry, stones, statues and other fun items, making Spiral staircase so much more than a simple bookstore; intimate and whimsical, this is truly a unique venture that embraces the frontier of Malibu chic, although the vibes here are much more laid back. Releasing an atmosphere of romance, free spirit and curiosity, Spiral staircase offers a selection of the best selected books on Creativity, Purpose, Sharing Economy, Meditation, Spirituality, Personal Development, Pop Sociology, Relationships, New and Creative Lifestyles, Achievement of itself and just about all types of non-fiction books you would want to read.

Want to do your part to support a locally owned and operated business in Los Angeles – especially now that most business owners of this type are just picking up the pieces after the pandemic? You can start by browsing one of the overtly charming bookstores we’ve highlighted above.



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