Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco’s new film finally confirms UK release


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The Big Bang Theoryis Kaley Cuoco and Saturday Night Liveis Pete Davidson’s new movie Meet cute finally has a UK release date.

The time-traveling romantic comedy has already been released on Peacock in the US, and while you can find Peacock content via Sky and NOW in the UK, that’s not where it lands here.

In place, Meet cute will be published on November 25 on First video United Kingdom.

The premise of the film revolves around a woman who learns that she is able to go back in time and uses the power to go back and relive her “perfect date night”. Then she tries to fix whatever she thinks is wrong with her boyfriend.

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MKI/Paon Distribution Services

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Meet cute released in the United States to mixed reviews, with some reviewers saying the chemistry between the protagonists wasn’t up to par and the jokes weren’t funny enough, while others found it surprisingly moving.

Another of the projects of Cuoco, the animated series for adults harley quinn, was announced last week to receive an all-new Valentine’s Day special. This is in addition to its already announced fourth season.

She has also signed on for two seasons of a new thriller Based on a true storywhich is inspired by a bizarre real-life event in which a real-estate agent (played by Cuoco), a plumber and a former tennis star see their lives collide in unexpected ways, as America’s obsession for crime and murder takes center stage.

The third season of HBO Max The stewardess has not been officially confirmed yet, but Cuoco True story the deal would allow him to return to it should a third season occur.

The Big Bang Theory aired on SCS in the USA. You can buy the full set now at DVD and Blu-Ray.


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