Bizarre Time Travel TV Shows That Actually Exist


If you’re looking for something truly unconventional, get ready for our next entry, the almost forgotten British children’s puppet show, ‘Jimmy Green and his Time Machine’. Not only is this series led by a cast of classic, string-controlled wooden puppets, but their unique design will also make you laugh or scream, depending on whether you find their distinctive faces charming or creepy.

This 13-episode series of 13-minute shorts aired on ITV in 1968. It saw the eponymous Jimmy Green use his time machine to travel to significant historical events with his two friends, Lettice and Maggot. Yes, you read that right. Although neither series has apparently survived – it is believed to have been broadcast live and never recorded (via Aetherco’s Timelinks) – we do know that the characters were worked on by puppeteer Eric Bramall and Chris Somerville, hailing from the Harlequin Puppet Theater in North Wales. This same duo made a handful of other equally bizarre programs, with names like “Sugarball: The Little Jungle Boy”, “Hubble Bubble” and “Mr. Trimble”.

As for the adventures of Jimmy Green, his visit to Rome saw him meet Nero, who of course was playing the violin as the city burned around him. It’s the only episode we could find a reference to (via Nostalgia Central), but maybe that’s for the best given how weird the show seems to have been.


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