Brazilian goods transporter makes waves in hot pink truck


Screenshot of a female driver getting into her pink truck

Photo: Sheila Bellaver OFFICIAL (Getty Images)

Between vaccine salads, smuggled chicken, and terrifying robot updates, we got some strange news this week. Let’s go for a bit of a success story, okay? Enter Sheila Rose Marchiori, a Brazilian goods truck driver who has racked up more than 2 million followers on Instagram documenting his travels in his hot pink long-haul truck.

The New York Post reports that Marchiori, 38, who calls herself Sheila Bellaver on social media, wants to inspire other women to enter the trucking industry. She explains that her personalized pink truck “represents the milestone of a winning woman who came out of nowhere, from the countryside, and who now has her own business”. She calls the truck (which is fully equipped with a kitchen, TV, DVD player and refrigerator) “a symbol of women in a very masculine world”.

With her mane of platinum blonde hair and immaculately groomed nails, Marchiori may be a bit more glamorous than your average product hauler, but she doesn’t shy away from the intense nature of the job. “I’m not sleeping,” Marchiori says. “People who transport fruit and vegetables do not sleep until they arrive. You have been sleeping well two nights a week for 11 years and watching, your body is getting used to it.

More than anything, Marchiori relishes the freedom that comes with life on the road. Speak To post, Marchiori is open to “getting married like a child” and the demands of running a home at a young age. Now, she’s a single mom of four raking the dough through her social media platforms, YouTube channel, and busy trucking business. To enemies who might despise a busty platinum blonde in a traditionally male profession, Marchiori says, “I’m not here to fight. I am here to write history.


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