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Movie buff who could never give up his DVD collection? You are one of the faithful few who, despite the abundance of streaming platforms in the home video market, are still fascinated by the idea of ​​choosing a movie from a DVD collection, Amazon has selected the right offers for you. Besides the best products for your home, you can find a collection of the best titles on offer. Prepare some popcorn for an evening with the family or with your closest friends.

Clockwork Orange

Passionate about cult films and Kubrickian atmospheres? Amazon is bringing you the limited edition Clockwork Orange DVD, with the Ultra 4K viewing option. Accompanied by unique gadgets – in this case two enamel pins inspired by the film – relive the scenes of Kubrick’s grotesque and one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


One of Disney’s newest arrivals, Cruella tells the story of a young Cruella De Mon, from her birth to her transformation into the iconic character we all know. Live-action set in 1970s punk rock London, Oscar winner Emma Stone takes on the role of one of Disney’s quintessential antagonists to explore her rebellious beginnings.

Cruella on


A film that definitively launched Marilyn Monroe’s career, Niagara is a milestone in the history of cinema. Film with black and dramatic tones, Amazon offers it again in DVD format, ideal for fans of cinema of the 50s and fans of the actress almost 60 years after her death.

Niagara on

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Taxi driver

Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Taxi Driver is one of those films to see at least once in your life. A mixture of thriller and psychological thriller elements, it is considered by critics and audiences to be one of Scorsese’s masterpieces and one of the best films of contemporary cinema. Amazon offers it in DVD format, to always have it available in its collection of cult films.

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Rocky – The Complete Saga

A box of 6 DVDs to relive all the emotions of Rocky Balboa, the famous boxer who accompanied generations of the most assiduous moviegoers. At number two on the Rolling Stones’ Best Sports Movies list of 2015, Rocky is the character that launched Sylvester Stallone into one of Hollywood’s most beloved faces.

Rocky on

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