British man, who owns more than 12,000 retro VHS tapes, plans to build museum for the collection


A British man has turned his home in Liverpool into a safe haven for over 12,000 Video Home System (VHS) tapes, including some of the rarest tapes ever produced. Known as “The Mayor”, the man also built a successful store in his house, as well as the sign, which reproduces the time gone by. The Mayor’s over 12,000-strong collection began in 1993. He wanted to open a video store, but his plans were ruined with the advent of DVDs, which immediately replaced rental VHS tapes. “When the videos were fading, I continued to collect old rental VHS tapes. I didn’t see the point of buying DVD movies that I already owned and having to pay even more money, ”the mayor told Liverpool Echo. The mayor said he only gets ex-rental tapes because the build quality of those tapes is high, unlike retail videos which become impossible to watch over time.

The retro collection contains tapes that date back to the 1970s when VHS tapes first saw the light of day. As a result, the mayor has many tapes that belong to the “pre-certified era”. The pre-certified era denoted the time when VHS tapes did not have to go through the process of certification by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The process became mandatory for videotapes in the early 1980s, when the market saw an influx of gory, horror, and cheap content known as “Video Nasties”. Many VHS tapes the mayor owns cannot be found anywhere in the world as they have been taken off the market due to copyright issues.

“I’m still building it. It’s a full-time occupation, and I travel all over the country to get these tapes. They are collector’s items, ”said the mayor. He added, “They are listed by date in the catalog order number. Despite the size, I can find any title pretty much instantly.

The mayor said he is now running out of space in his house and plans to build a museum for his collection. “It’s a fun passion and it entertains me. I don’t think I could ever sell them, ”he said.

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