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Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson announces big career news

Captain marvel Star Brie Larson has announced a big career change, telling fans it is time for her to return to her “first job”. Brie, who is currently working behind the scenes on Captain Marvel after Wonders, announced that she will be retiring from her YouTube channel while marking her first anniversary as a vlogger. […]

Here are 13 movies hitting Houston screens this week

This image released by DreamWorks Animation shows The Boss Baby / Ted Templeton, voiced by Alec Baldwin, center, and young Tim Templeton, voiced by James Marsden, in a scene from “The Boss Baby: Family Business”. (DreamWorks Animation via AP) Photo: Associated press Here are some of the new movies hitting theaters or streaming, streaming, renting […]

Derek Kolstad on the possibility of writing a Marvel movie; Working with MCU Mega-Budgets (Exclusive)

With Nobody now available in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD everywhere; we got to sit down with writer and action enthusiast Derek Kolstad to talk about making another instant action icon, and he also shared some info on what’s next for John wick. He tells us more about the apparent mutual decision between him […]

Next 3 Pixar Movies To Watch ‘Luca’ With 1 Potential Sequel

Whether viewers loved or hated the latest Disney Pixar movie, many still want to know what’s next for the next Pixar movie. Luca is. Fortunately, the animation studio already has three films planned for the coming years, and one of them could be a sequel. Two films, coming in 2022, have names – Turn red […]