Chasing Amy put pressure on Ben Affleck before filming even started


“Chasing Amy” is about a comic artist named Holden (Affleck) who develops a crush on lesbian comic artist Alyssa (Adams) much to the chagrin of her business partner Banky (Jason Lee). Holden and Alyssa become friends and spend a lot of time together, leading to Holden’s awkward revelation that he’s fallen in love and wants to try dating. Alyssa first swears on her assumptions (“I’m fucking gay!”), but then comes back to him to kiss him in the rain. Their relationship is difficult. When he learns of Alyssa’s sexual history with men, Holden falls into a stupid pit of insecurity (which his friends call him). The ever brash Holden confronts Alyssa about her past, and she’s understandably infuriated by his questions.

Holden is going through a period in his life where he is not yet mature or accepting. It’s a difficult role for a young actor. Affleck admits that at first it was flattering to be looked at so closely:

“[Smith] called me up and said, ‘Hey, I’m writing this movie about a guy who falls in love with this woman who’s gay and I want you to play the guy.’ I said, ‘Well, I would love to.’ He sent it to me as he was writing it. It was really nice to be involved from the start, to have someone trust me so much.”

But now the pressure was on. Affleck knew how personal the movie was and didn’t want to spoil it.

“It’s a personal story. He obviously cared a bit about it and you want to honor that. I wanted him to be really happy with my work so he didn’t feel like he made a mistake. colossal mistake in asking me to make his film.


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