‘Christmas Bloody Christmas’ – Joe Begos’ Holiday Slasher Coming to Shudder This December


Fresh off the found footage horror hit Host and more recently dash cam, wild rob will then direct an adaptation of the Dark Horse comic book night of the ghoul, Deadline reports.

20th Century Studios has acquired the rights to Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavillaof horror comics, with Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen producing for 21 Rounds.

Interesting to note, night of the ghoul hasn’t come out yet. The first issue of the series from Dark Horse Comics will be released this Wednesday, October 5.

“The story follows a father and son in search of the real story behind a long-lost horror film from the golden age of monster movies. But by digging deeper, they risk unleashing what the supposedly destroyed film had wanted to keep hidden.

Here’s a longer plot synopsis for the comic book series…

“Shot in 1936, night of the ghoul by writer/director TF Merritt was to sit next Frankenstein and Dracula like an instant classic. . . But the legendary film never made it to the big screen. Just before the end of editing, a mysterious studio fire destroyed the footage and killed the cast and crew celebrating the closing night.

“Forest Inman is a horror movie enthusiast who digitizes old films for famed film studio Aurora. When Forest stumbles upon a seemingly forgotten box of footage, he may have discovered the remains of the lost classic. night of the ghoul. This discovery sends Forest on a dark odyssey, where he is warned by a mysterious old man that the film’s ghoul is more than a work of fiction: it’s a very real monster who plans to kill him.

Snyder and Francavilla will serve as executive producers for the film adaptation.


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