Cleverlys brought a smile to the fair


It was an inevitable late start for the Cleverlys, but the extra 30 minutes were worth the wait on Thursday night at the Warren County A&L Fair.

The Cleverlys are a one-of-a-kind comedy / music mix from the remote part of the Ozark Mountains near Cane Spur, Arkansas. Accomplished musicians, they put their unique bluegrass touch on covers of all kinds.

The set included Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, a mix of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and Flo Rida’s “Low”, as well as “Walk Like an Egyptian”, “What’s Up?” by 4 Non Blondes, and “I Want Your Love” by Lady Gaga.

Digger Cleverly introduced the band members.

“My brother, Vernon Dale, is no longer with us,” said Digger. “We called him VD. He played the banjo with the band for many, many years. He is now retired and lives in a tipi behind Grandma’s old house. He makes dream catchers out of cat hair, but his son is with us now. This is Dale Vernon Dale, DVD Cleverly. We’re sorry his brother STD couldn’t be there tonight. He had an exam he had to take tomorrow.

Next to the DVD was Digger’s nephew, Ricky Lloyd.

“I want to brag about Ricky for a minute. He has a big heart. He loves animals and believes that all animals are sacred. That’s why we have a benefit for Save the Whales at Cleverly Mountain every year. The third week of October, we have a squirrel hunt for Save the Whales. For every squirrel killed, 11 cents is donated to the Save the Whales Foundation. For three days, we kill everything that moves. If it’s brown, it’s down. This is just how we were brought up. We give because we care about ourselves. Kill a squirrel and save a whale.

On the left of the stage were Sock Cleverly and Cub Cleverly.

“This man to my right, I’ve known him all my life, too,” Digger said. “It’s Cub Cleverly. He also happens to be the son of my brother VD. It is the twin brother of DVD. I know some of you are asking. No, they are not the same. In the end, we have an excellent violinist. He’s a great boy and I love him to death. It’s Sock Cleverly.

The crowd displayed their approval for the songs and the comedy with laughs, claps, applause and at times, a song with the band.

“You the people of Warren County are buttery and smooth,” Digger said after a song. “You have to help us. We want to legalize okra. I want to make sure every household in America has okra in it. I know what some of you are saying, “Okra is not illegal. It’s not illegal, but it’s not legal either. I watched. There are laws legalizing okra, but I made it my personal mission to pass them.

Digger expressed his satisfaction at being invited to perform among country folk like himself.

“Tornadoes come after people like you and me,” he said. “We’re the only ones you see on TV describing them. Have you ever noticed this? Have you ever wondered why? I think the media understand this guy because they know it’s going to be a colorful interview.

“Dude, that was terrible. I was on the couch watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. My old lady was outside changing the brake shoes on the truck. Everything started to shake. It was terrifying.

The TC Bryant Band was the opening act for The Cleverlys.


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