Dedication of the DVD ‘Walking with Herb’ on July 31


By Elva K. Österreich

After a nationwide theatrical release, the Las Cruces-based feature “Walking with Herb” starring Edward James Olmos, George Lopez and Kathleen Quinlan is released on DVD.

The DVD will be available at COAS Books 317 N. Main St., starting with a signature on Saturday July 31.

Book author and executive producer Joe S. Bullock and director and producer Ross Kagan Marks will sign the DVD from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the library.

Bullock said Oscar-winning film writer and playwright Mark Medoff, who died in April 2019, loved the project so much that he may have allowed him to live a little longer to see the project become a reality.

“I think he liked this project so much and had so much fun doing it,” Bullock said.

Bullock said Medoff took the book “Walking with Herb” and made “brilliant” changes to the story.

“Mark is taking it from a deeper, darker place,” Bullock said. “This is the spiritual journey of Joe Amable-Amo. And Mark had a brilliant idea that we should make the two main characters Hispanic. We have two of the best Hispanic actors in the world.

The PG-rated film set in Las Cruces and Artesia, New Mexico, is about Amable-Amo (Olmos), a bank executive and former amateur golfer struggling with his faith after an unexpected tragedy. Confronted with doubts about himself, his purpose, and his belief in God, Joe is stunned when God tells him that he has been chosen to inspire the world and play in a world championship golf tournament. Guided by God’s eccentric personal messenger, Herb (Lopez), Joe learns that the impossible is possible.

“To one person, every actor I spoke to said it was the most fun they had to make a movie,” Bullock said. Kathleen Quinlan walked past me and hit me and said, ‘Joe, thank you for writing this book. I am having so much fun.

Bullock, who is a banker and golfer, said Marks would call him for technical banking and golf advice, like how a golfer would play a certain type of stroke.

In the book, he said he taught the main character an old-fashioned putting technique.

“There was this English golfer at the turn of the century who had this way of putting. He said he was the best putter in the world, ”said Bullock. “Edward James Olmos spent two hours learning it. “

It is gratifying for Bullock that the film, which was shot primarily in Las Cruces, was also shot in his hometown of Artesia. He describes one of his most memorable moments watching in the twilight, from the parking lot of the Artesia County Club, a trailer of trucks entering town.

“‘Walking with Herb’ was on the side of the semi-finals,” he said. “It was like the circus was coming to town.”


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