DGT fined nearly 3,000 drivers in one week for cell phone use


The DGT imposes fines on nearly 3,000 drivers in a week for using cell phones. image: dgt pegasus

DGT fined nearly 3,000 drivers for using mobile phones during their recent awareness campaign on Spanish roads

The DGT imposed fines on nearly 3,000 drivers during its recent surveillance and awareness campaign on the roads of Spain, between 16 and 22 September.

This campaign by the Directorate General of Traffic aimed to alert drivers to the dangers of being distracted while driving, and numerous roadblocks have been established in the autonomous communities, controlled by the traffic police of the Guardia Civil.

A total of 304,126 vehicles traveling on conventional roads were stopped and checked during 8,295 checks. During these checks, 6,708 drivers were reported for having taken actions that the DGT considers distracted driving.

Of the 6,840 complaints filed, nearly 43% (2,930) concerned manual use of a cell phone while driving. Using the phone while driving is something DGT now equates to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Last Thursday, September 30, the Home Affairs Committee approved the law amending the revised text of the Law on Traffic, Motor Vehicle Traffic and Road Safety. These new laws impose stricter laws on the possession of a cell phone or other devices while driving.

Buckling up while driving, usually by spotting a police officer, is also a distraction that has resulted in a penalty for 412 drivers. In addition, 327 drivers were penalized for using headsets or earphones connected to sound reproducing devices, other than cell phones.

Other most sanctioned actions, classified as distracted driving, include reading (145), searching for objects (108), driving while eating (56), using or manipulating browsers, screens accessing the Internet, video players or DVD players (51), or being distracted by other occupants of the vehicle (47).

928 other sanctions pronounced during preventive checks made it possible to detect and sanction 1,830 drivers who, in addition to having been reported for having committed distracted driving, were found to be driving with a blood alcohol level higher than the authorized one, or tested positive for drugs. , as reported by diariosur.es.


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