Dragon Ball Super Reveals Blu-ray Box Art and Bonus Features


The second volume of the Dragon Ball Super Full Box will include new graphics and bonuses based on the Tournament of Power arc.

dragonball revealed more details about the Great the latest Blu-ray and DVD release of the anime.

As announced on the official website of the series, the second volume of the Dragon Ball Super TV Series Complete Box will include new designs drawn by animator Tadayoshi Yamamuro. The front of the box features four of Universe 7’s strongest champions: Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Android 17. The back of the packaging features new art of several of the opponents they encounter during the Tournament of Power bow, like Zeno. , Kefla, Jiren and Hit. The box set will also offer bonus features such as audio commentary and a booklet with additional artwork and series details inside. The website also teases special bonuses given to certain retailers, although it does not specify what those bonuses will be.

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the Dragon Ball Super Complete Box was first announced in October. The first volume will be released in Japan in February while the second set pictured here will be released in Japan on March 3. Each volume includes half of the 131-episode series, which originally aired from 2015 to 2018. An international release for the box set is yet to be confirmed.

While the anime ceased airing in 2018, Goku’s animated adventures are set to continue with the upcoming release of Dragon Ball Super: Super heroesthe latest film in the long-running franchise. Super hero is notable for being the first film in the series to be completed in CG animation. The new movie will use a new style of animation that mixes 3D polygonal models with shaders that attempt to recreate creator Akira Toriyama’s distinctive drawing style. Goku’s old enemies, the Red Ribbon Army will once again be the antagonists in the new film, as they have created two new androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, to battle Earth’s heroes. A new trailer for the film was revealed during this year’s Jump Festa, which focused heavily on Gohan. The film is set to be released in Japan on April 22. Although details of its international release have yet to be announced, the film’s producers have previously promised to close the gap between its Japanese premiere and its Western release as much as possible.

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Fans may have more to look forward to in 2022 besides new movie and Blu-ray releases: series producer Akio Iyoku recently teased that there’s more animated Dragon Ball on the horizon this year , although he did not give details on what this new project may be. Fans have speculated that it could be a new season of the Dragon Ball Super animated; Since the series went off the air in 2018, the manga has wrapped up the Galatic Patrol Prisoner saga and is nearing the end of the current Granolah the Survivor saga, neither of which has received an anime adaptation.

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