Film franchises slaughtered by studios more than once


Universal’s classic but bandaged monster, the Mummy, experienced a rapid life explosion in 1999 with the Stephen Sommers film of the same name. “The Mummy” understood that combining old-fashioned action with the charismatic performances of Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz was a recipe for blockbuster fun. Sadly, Universal would ruin this series on several occasions, with the first example of this coming in 2008 with “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. Weisz’s absence here was keenly felt, as franchise newcomer director Rob Cohen filmed the action with a noticeable lack of excitement.

But “Dragon Emperor” practically looks like the original “Mummy” compared to the reboot of Universal 2017, also called “The Mummy”. Titled by Tom Cruise and intended to launch a shared world of films called Dark universe, this version of “The Mummy” was plagued by far too much world-building, unintentional bursts of comedy (like when Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll turns into a Scottish Mr. Hyde), and, more importantly, a tiresome lack of both personality and fun. With lousy installments like these, Universal has sent the once-thriving “Mummy” franchise back to its grave.


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