Five Below, True to Its Name, Sells Most Items in Grand Island for $ 5 or Less | Local news from the Big Island


The candy section is identified as “delicious treat”. Customers are encouraged to party, snack and ‘get creative with their money’.

At Five Below, don’t worry if your child starts bouncing balls around the store. Not only will the employees not say anything to the children, but they could step in and join them.

If a parent comes to the store with a cranky child, the employees of Five Below are not afraid to entertain the youngster. “It helps parents and they can complete their shopping,” Miller said.

Five Below encourages customers to ‘let it go and have fun’.

Miller says “this is a really cool place just to come check it out.”

The store, which opened in early October, is located in NorthWest Crossings at 3429 W. State St., between Bed, Bath and Beyond and Shoe Carnival.

Miller arrived at Five Below on Grand Island from Kearney’s location, where she was in charge of the goods. She continues to live in Kearney.

Five Below is for kids, teens and adults, Miller says.

“We have a lot of grandparents who come here and shop for their grandchildren,” she says.

When they come up with a list, grandparents may need help with some items they are unfamiliar with. Staff members can show them these devices and other popular items. “And then they just added more to that,” she said.


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