Game-changing cryptocurrency app just landed in Australia



From bitcoin to blockchain, from NFT to mining, we understand: the world of cryptocurrency can be intimidating for us mere mortals. However, if house goals seem out of reach and you’re already in the stock, we’ve found a way to help you get into the crypto trend with minimal effort.

Enter Zipmex, a revolutionary cryptocurrency app that has just landed in Australia. By putting the financial power in your pocket, they are all aimed at making crypto easier, and you can start with as little as $ 1.

Here’s tea on what you need to know to get started in crypto.

Breaking the Basics of Cryptography

Put simply, a cryptocurrency is essentially digital money. Instead of being made up of coins or bills, crypto uses digital files as the form of dollar bills.

But what’s really cool about crypto is the technology. The files are created using a method of cryptography, which secures your information to the highest degree by encoding and decoding the data. Basically you and you alone have full control and freedom over your coin (crypto).

So why should you care?

Here’s the thing, crypto is to government currency (like the Australian dollar) what Netflix is ​​to DVDs. Think about it, DVDs are so outdated, they are hard to use, you must have a DVD player, it takes months to even buy your favorite movie because of all the middlemen involved.

Likewise, things like cash and banking systems have seen better days. Everyone wants a percentage of your coin in their pocket along the way, it’s related to the bureaucracy of a banking institution or government and it’s not easily accessible by people in more financial situations. difficult.

Crypto is here to break down those barriers. The purpose of cryptocurrency is to put power in the hands of the people. It follows a “decentralized control” approach, which means that it is not managed by any entity, person or country.

And when it comes to making sure things are safe, secure, and genuine, crypto-nerds have you covered. You use what’s called a “digital signature” to make sure your transactions are verified and secure, and all transactions go through a “digital ledger” like a blockchain. It is simply a peer-to-peer transaction database, where each transaction is recorded as a chunk of data and added to a chain.

How to integrate the crypto trend

It’s fair to say that until the last few years, getting into crypto was a bit too administrative. In the days of OG Bitcoin, you could only create money by “mining” it – a cranky computer solving complex digital problems. We can’t even solve the love triangles on Love Island, so it’s hard to undermine ourselves.

On the bright side, these days you can simply buy crypto assets on your phone for as little as $ 1 through apps like Zipmex. Download the application on IOS or Android to register and recharge your account. It’s that simple. Zipmex has low trading fees, a 24/7 field support team in Australia, and helps you take crypto to the next level with their expert tips and tricks.

Additionally, when you start on Zipmex and cash out your first $ 250 in digital assets, you enter the raffle to win one of three Bitcoins. With a winner drawn at the end of July, August and September, jump into this statistic. Find out the details of this epic competition here.

Anyone can start building their investment portfolio anywhere, anytime with Zipmex. Download the app on IOS or Android to buy, sell and earn interest on digital assets with just a few clicks.

Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by Zipmex and proudly endorsed by Urban List. To learn more about who we work with and why, read our editorial policy here.



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