Garry Kasparov on the Russian attack on Ukraine


Kasparov’s views strike me as doctrinaire, facile, superficial, flippant and concerted, unbridled propaganda.

This, of course, indicates that I am a Russian asset and a puppet of Putin. Others will also characterize me as

an enemy of democracy, and probably, in a mystical way, a hidden anti-Semite. I’m a bad enough character to give a damn.

“Eloquent”, “informed”, “passionate” Kasparov, despite his alleged familiarity with history,

apparently has no full knowledge of the events of 2014, a year in which a democratically elected Ukrainian president was overthrown and deposed in a US/NATO-sponsored and paid-for coup. In the same year, Ukrainians in the East VOTE to reject the installed Western-subordinate government AND voted to join Russia.

It also seems to have erased the historical memory of the various and diverse American invasions, occupations and regime changes that invigorate the democratic hearts of neoconservatives and globalists. Ask Iraq, for example, among dozens. If GK is appalled by the annexations, maybe he can lecture Israel.

Kasparov is the tool of the globalists and should have no more credibility than any other pamphleteer. How does ChessBase justify this partisan article? Does chessbase intend to publish an article featuring anyone with an opponent

position? The fact that GK is a former World Chess Champion is irrelevant, especially since he is now an agent or instrument for globalist cliques (like the Aspen Institute).

Can we expect a future article on the thought and values ​​(and projects?) of George Soros and Klaus Schwab?


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