Get paid $2,500 to watch 25 vacation movies in 25 days


(WXIN) — Is “It’s a Wonderful Life” your favorite movie of all time? Could you spend hours arguing about whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie? (It is by the way).

If you can’t get enough holiday movies, wants you to be this year’s cheer leader.

The company will pay someone $2,500 to watch 25 vacation movies in 25 days. You will be required to “record your thoughts” on each film before being paid.

“It doesn’t matter to us when you’re watching the movies – it could be with your family at dinner, while you’re building a gingerbread house, or even while you’re at your desk ‘working’,” writes

And you don’t need to dust off your DVD collection to enter! will give The Chief of Cheer the grandfather streaming packages: one-year subscriptions to Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+ and Hallmark Movies Now.

You must be at least 18 years old and able to work in the United States. Apps are open until 11:59 p.m. (MT) on December 2.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

While everyone has their favorites, some are more popular than others.

Rotten Tomatoes’ movie rating site 100 best Christmas movies of all time The list is topped by Ernst Lubitsch’s 1940 film “The Shop Around the Corner”, followed by “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947). To formulate its list, Rotten Tomatoes ranked movies based on their Tomatometer scores, with “Certified Fresh” movies (scoring 75% or higher from at least 80 critics) ranking first.

A 2020 YouGov survey of 1,200 American adults to determine their favorite Christmas movies. Here, the 1990s family vacation classic “Home Alone,” starring Macaulay Culkin, ranked number one. “It’s a Wonderful Life” placed second.


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