Here is where you can watch Super Mario Bros. movie.


Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, “Super Mario Bros.” is not on any streaming platform. However, that doesn’t mean your hopes of seeing that infamous’ 90s flop are dashed, because there’s a now relatively outdated way to kick off this movie night: get your hands on a physical copy. Amazon currently has the movie on DVD for just $ 3.99 or, if you want it on Blu-ray instead, it’ll set you back $ 31. Although, if you dig in, you could probably find an even cheaper second-hand DVD or VHS copy elsewhere.

Also, if you don’t like shell out a few bucks for a movie you’re not sure you’ll enjoy it, only to be stuck from that point on, there’s also the option of Netflix’s Always-On DVD Rental Service. It’ll set you back $ 7.99 and the streaming giant will send out the “Super Mario Bros.” drive directly to your home with free shipping. Once you’re done, just put it back in the prepaid red envelope, toss it in the mailbox, and maybe watch the rest of the webcomic which tried to solve the story’s cliffhanger ending if you feel so inclined.

“Super Mario Bros.” is, to say the least, an interesting take on such a beloved pop culture property. It’s not the most readily available feature in the world, but if you’re determined to give it a try, it’s certainly not impossible to find it.


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