Holiday comedy “A Christmas Invitation” is released on the TUBI streaming platform


Holiday comedy “A Christmas Invitation” directed by Geno McGahee is released on the TUBI streaming platform

“I wanted to make a film that touches home. Growing up in a dysfunctional family gave me a great start for this production, and I think everyone who watches this will stick with it one way or another.” – Geno McGahee

Christmas is coming early this year! Cinema Epoch is proud to announce the release of the new comedy film “A Christmas Invitation” on the TUBI streaming platform. Available to watch now, the TV-PG rated film was written and directed by Massachusetts filmmaker Geno McGahee and produced by Cinema Epoch, Cineridge Entertainment and Xposse Productions.

“I wanted to make a film that touches home. Growing up in a dysfunctional family gave me the right start for this production and I think everyone who watches this will stick with it one way or another,” writer and director Geno McGahee said during the broadcast of “A Christmas Invitation” to global audiences.

Lasting 1 hour and 41 minutes, the film tells the story of a dysfunctional family brought together by a dying wish and an invitation to one last family holiday party. Old family feuds and skeletons in the closet — plus a healthy dose of unexpected twists — make “A Christmas Invitation” a wholesome treat for holiday movie time.

Otherwise known for acclaimed horror films such as Rise of the Scarecrows: Hell On Earth and Scary Tales: Last Stop, McGahee changed genres for the film: “For the first time, I put my horror mind on hiatus to bring some holiday cheer,” the director told his Twitter followers.

Set for worldwide release on major streaming platforms before the end of 2022, “A Christmas Invitation” stars Brent Northup (Sickle), Eric Michaelian (Cowboy and the Tavern), Lorrie Bacon (Rise Of The Scarecrows: Hell On Earth), Phil Godeck (Super Duper Heist Squad), Matt Hebert (Rise Of The Scarecrows: Hell On Earth), Jesse Delta Ariel Waegelein-Hall (REVENGE), Aaron Schacht, Sharon Marr, Rick Caride, Nat Cook, Angela Taylor, Pawel Watracz, Rosie Andlauer, Zoe Wells, Lisa J. Coleman, Martin DuPlessis, Pete Baez, and Tom Hebert.

“A Christmas Invitation” was filmed in Western Massachusetts and Hampstead, New Hampshire, with support from local businesses and police departments.

Watch the official trailer courtesy of Cinema Epoch here. For more information, visit For interview or photo requests, contact Kim Dresser.

A Christmas invitation

1 hour, 41 minutes, 4K high definition, USA, 2022

Rated TV-PG

Written and directed by Geno McGahee

With Brent Northup, Eric Michaelian, Lorrie Bacon, Phil Godeck, Matthew Hebert, Jesse Waegelein-Hall, Aaron Schacht, Sharon Marr, Tom Hebert and Angela Taylor

Produced by Cinema Epoch, Cineridge Entertainment Xposse Productions

About Geno McGahee:

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, McGahee has been behind the camera since the age of 12, filming sketches with friends before directing his first feature film “Evil Awakening”, which was released by Tempe Entertainment in 2008. In 2011, McGahee was presented on the release a DVD of the famous 1980s slasher “Madman”, giving his opinion on the world of horror and the film. McGahee’s Scary Tales was released by Cinema Epoch in 2014 on cable VOD and DVD as well as its Family Secret. McGahee completed two films in 2013: Sickle and Scary Tales: Last Stop. He owns and operates, works as an acquisitions manager for Cinema Epoch, and continues his filmmaking journey.

About Cinema Epoch:

Celebrating its 12th year, Cinema Epoch continues to bring an eclectic mix of entertainment to new generations of audiences around the world. The company distributes feature films in the theatrical, DVD and digital markets. In addition to introducing genre films to audiences, he also plans to release a slate of international art house films under his Cinema Epoch Classics label. Partners include Amazon Video, iTunes, GooglePlay, TubiTV, Hulu, Vudu, Comcast, Showtime, XBox and MVD Visual. The company also plans to produce a slate of ten original film productions per year. He also exhibits at the American Film Market.

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