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One of Hollywood’s most interesting actors, Val Kilmer starred in an impressive number of films, but how do his horror films rank? With the big question that preoccupies everyone: what happened to Val Kilmer? – answered by the hit documentary surprise Val (2021), fans can’t wait to see Kilmer’s classics again, as well as the hidden gems of the movie star’s filmography. Without a doubt, as a star of the ’80s, Kilmer’s best films are ahead of the first two decades of his career; although he has continued to play an eclectic range of roles throughout the 21st century.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kilmer has always had a foot in (or at least close to) Hollywood, even when he attended the Juilliard School in New York in the early 1980s. After years of honing his craft, Kilmer quickly rose to fame with his iconic role as “ice man“, the great rival of Tom Cruise”Maverick“in the years 1986 Top Gun. After what is arguably his most memorable role, Kilmer has played a wide variety of roles, ranging from the majestic Madmartigan to willow (1988) to his much celebrated performance as Batman in Batman forever (1995).

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With an acting career spanning roughly four decades, Kilmer’s filmography has certainly seen its ups and downs. This is especially true with Kilmer’s horror toll, which admittedly has more lows than highs. Either way, here are all of Kilmer’s horror movies, ranked from worst to best.

7. Moscow Zero (2006)

Co-starring with Vincent Gallo from Ox ’66 and The brown rabbit Celebrity, Kilmer plays Andrey, an evil guardian of hell, in this horror film straight to DVD. Considered by many to be Kilmer’s worst film, Moscow zero follows a group of men (led by Gallo) as they attempt to save a friend from the labyrinthine bowels of Moscow, while naturally fighting demons. Driven by a terrible scenario and bad general management, Moscow zero was a failure from the start, despite the interesting premise of Kilmer and Gallo working together. Granted, while Gallo’s performance is decent, Kilmer can’t exactly be blamed for Moscow zero or, given that he’s only in the movie for about seven minutes. It would be much more accurate to list Kilmer as a cameo here than the main star of the film.

6. Seven below (2012)

seven below val kilmer ving rhames

Another disappointing low budget horror film, and a close connection to Moscow zero for the worst Kilmer movie overall, Seven below also promises an intriguing co-star duo with Kilmer and Ving Rhames (Impossible mission series), but fails to deliver with another puzzling storyline and a “supernaturalTrapped in a house during a hurricane, a house with a horrific past involving a child murdering his family, a strange group of strangers (including Kilmer as the unfaithful husband Bill) realize they are in danger then as their limbs begin to become killed. Because it happens so early in the movie, it wouldn’t really be a spoiler to reveal that Kilmer is killed almost right away, around 20 minutes into the movie’s start. On the plus side, that’s more than double the screen time allotted to Kilmer in Moscow zero.

5. Doctor Moreau’s Island (1996)

Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer didn't get along on the set of Dr Moreau's Island.

Based on the HG Wells novel of the same name, Dr Moreau’s Island had already been adapted twice – once in 1932 under the name Island of lost souls and again in 1977, starring Burt Lancaster as the famous Dr Moreau. Both adaptations are well regarded, while the 1996 version, starring Kilmer and Marlon Brando, is deemed to be considered a disaster. All of the films follow the familiar story of an accident survivor who took refuge on the island of Dr. Moreau, a mad scientist obsessed with, say, animal research. Despite this slam dunk of a movie premise, the 1996 adaptation of Doctor Moreau’s island collapsed during production due to a number of incidents with the cast and crew: Kilmer and Brando didn’t get along, Brando almost quit after his daughter’s suicide, Kilmer caused a conflict with the cast after receiving divorce papers on set, a major hurricane stalled production, and so on. While the film itself has met with negative reviews, the behind-the-scenes drama remains the stuff of cinematic lore.

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4. The Thaw (2009)

Manufacturers of evil Dead trilogy, The thaw is a 2009 sci-fi thriller starring Kilmer as Dr. David Kruipen, a research scientist who discovers a long-dormant prehistoric parasite that, with rising global temperatures, threatens to infect all of the world. human population. While not exactly a breakthrough in the genre, with many critics lamenting The thawsuspicious similarities with X files episode “Ice”, The thaw convincingly portrays the horror of parasitic diseases to an anxiety-provoking degree. Similar to Moscow zero and Seven below, Kilmer spends a majority of The thaw off screen, although his role is much more central in the plot of this roundtable.

3. Mindhunters (2004)

Mindhunters 2004 Val Kilmer Christian Slater LL Cool J Kathryn Morris

With LL Cool J, Christian Slater and Kilmer, Spirit hunters (not to be confused with the Netflix series of the same name) boasts of having sort of a star-studded cast, which includes the titular Mindhunters of the story, a group of young FBI students training to profile killers in series. To become proficient at identifying psychopathic serial killers, Mindhunters must first undergo a series of realistically simulated training scenarios – simulations that trainees quickly discover are, in fact, dangerously real. With Kilmer as the group’s instructor, the story follows the proven plot of the mystery thriller that we can’t leave until we find out which of us is the killer. Due to this conventional tracing device, critical reception at Spirit hunters differs drastically between reviews (mostly negative) and audience (mostly positive). In all, Spirit hunters is one of Kilmer’s most gripping horror films.

2. The Super (2017)

Val Kilmer in Le Super

Whether it’s due to his throat cancer or post-production voice editing (or both), Kilmer sports a nightmarish, nightmarish grater as the spooky Superintendent Walter in the 2017 horror thriller. The Super. Easily one of his best performances of the 2010s, Walter positions the actor in perhaps the scariest role of his film career, giving Kilmer the opportunity to, as Hollywood journalistthe opinion of Put the, “once again display his unique brand of charisma on screen.“While it doesn’t exactly stand out from the horror genre, receiving mixed reviews upon release, the super makes a memorable Walter de Kilmer performance and ends with a well-executed M. Night Shyamalan-style plot that will stay with you for quite some time.

1. The Phantom and the Darkness (1996)

Openness to mixed reviews and poor box office results, The ghost and the darkness is considered by Kilmer fans to be an overlooked classic. Based on John Henry Patterson’s semi-autobiographical non-fiction book titled The man eaters of Tsavo, this man against nature film pits Kilmer (playing JH Patterson, a performance that is somewhat reminiscent of tomb stone‘s Doc Holliday) and Michael Douglas (as famous hunter Charles Remington) against a particularly sadistic lion pride. Presented by screenwriter William Goldman as a cross between Laurence of Arabia and Jaws, The ghost and the darkness somewhat redeemed Kilmer after his infamous behavior on Dr Moreau’s Island set, like Kilmer, a frequent visitor to Africa, expressed an exceptional enthusiasm for the story; although, admittedly, his role earned him a nomination for the Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor. However, Val KilmerThe passion for the project shines through the rough exterior of the film.

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