House of the Dragon boss reacts to Rings of Power rivalry


Dragon House boss Ryan Condal rejected the idea of ​​a rings of power rivalry.

The two epic shows premiered within weeks of each other, in August and September of this year, bringing dragonfire, elves, orcs and Targaryens to the screen once again and culminating in record numbers.

So it’s only natural that the two would have clashed in the minds of many fans.

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“I’m a big die-hard Tolkien fan,” Condal said. The envelopebefore explaining why Dragon House and rings of power are actually healthy for each other.

“I read the Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion and The Hobbit many times growing up, I saw Peter Jackson movies in the cinema many times. I love all of that, I love high fantasy, and frankly I want to live in a world where there’s room for all of these things to exist if they’re good.

“I think the need for more expensive, well-made sci-fi/fantasy on TV is what all of us nerds want.”

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Condal, who is now the sole showrunner on Dragon House following Miguel Sapochnik’s exit last month, went on to suggest, “I don’t think anyone is watching rings of power means they don’t watch Dragon HouseI don’t see it like that.

“I see one feeding into the other, and I think the more good quality genre entertainment there is on TV, the more it’s going to appeal to the general public who might not be so predisposed to watch it.”

He added: “It’s made fantasy mainstream and I think the more of these good, high-quality shows there are, which makes fantasy more mainstream. And then it makes a bigger audience, that means more of these shows can be done and be done in an interesting way, it’s not just mass entertainment with popcorn.”

game of thrones seasons 1-8 are available on DVD and Blu-ray. Dragon House season 1 airs on sundays HBOand on Monday in the UK the Atlantic Sky and now.


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