How to Create Bootable ISO DVD for Windows 11


After years of working to refine Windows 10, Microsoft has finally unveiled Windows 11. The new operating system looks minimalistic and the design is user-friendly again. With support for new apps and features, we can expect the new operating system to follow the path of success like its previous generation. Microsoft has used update through OTA update or users can create ISO bootable DVD for Windows 11 or USB mass storage.

The company started rolling out updates for Windows 11 right after its launch, namely on October 5, 2021. But many users cannot wait for the update and are lining up for it to come via updates. automatic day. For them, Microsoft has brought ISO files to their website to either bootable via USB flash storage or burn the bootable to DVD. Here is how you can use DVDs as bootable.

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There are two parts to this process. Firstly we will be fb to download third party application to burn ISO files to DVD and make it bootable and secondly by downloading ISO file. So let’s start with the first part.

Download the app

There are many third-party applications available on the Internet to accomplish this job. Our choice of software is PowerISO. The app is free and is a powerful tool. Here’s how to set it up

Step 1 – Download PowerISO from the official website.

2nd step – Once the download process is complete, tap on the EXE file and start the installation process.

Step 3 – Press “I agree” on the next screen.

Install PowerISO

Step 4 – Press next when the installation is complete.

Complete installation for PowerISO

Step 5 – Select all for file associations as this is convenient for all file formats, tap Finish after that.

PowerrISO File Association

After clicking Close, you are good to go. Now follow the next procedure to create a bootable DVD using PowerISO.

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Make DVD ISO Bootable for Windows 11

Step 1 – Visit the official Microsoft website for download windows 11 ISO.

2nd step – Select the last option (Windows 11 Disk Image ISO) and start the download process.

Download Windows 11 ISO

Step 3 – Open PowerISO once the installation is complete.

Step 4 – Head toward Open option on the toolbar above.

Open in PowerISO

Step 5 – Select the ISO file.

Open Windows 11 ISO

Step 6 – Press on To burn in the top toolbar (make sure the DVD is inserted in the DVD drive).

Burn DVD in PowerISo

Step 7 – Select the DVD in the burning drive and click To burn to start the process.

Burn DVD

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Now sit back and relax as it takes a bit of time to burn a DVD. Once the process is complete you get a bootable DVD for Windows 11. Now you can install it through BIOS or directly to your PC / Laptop.

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