How to install the new media player in Windows 11


Microsoft began rolling out a new media player for Windows 11 in November of last year. But it was limited to users of the Insider Preview program. When we tried to install the app in the operating system’s stable channel, it didn’t work.

This seems to have changed quietly, according to a user of reddit. If you want to try the app without participating in the test versions, here’s how to install the new media player in the stable channel of Windows 11.

The new Media Player replaces the Groove Music app, so if you used the latter, it will no longer be available after installing the latest version. You must have the latest version of Windows 11 i.e. 21H2 Build 22000.376 for these steps to work.

How to install the new Media Player in Windows 11

1. Go to paste the Microsoft Store listing URL for the Groove Music app into the text box. Here is the link:

2. Click the drop-down menu on the right side, which says RP, and select the fast channel.

3. Continue by clicking the check mark button next to it, and a long list of links will appear. Find the file named Microsoft.ZuneMusic_11.2111.54.0_neutral_ ~ _8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle. It takes about 35MB to download.

Media player app

Note: There is a similar file with the number 54.70, which is approximately 92MB in size. Do not download this version, as it cannot be used to update the media player.

4. Run the file you downloaded and the operating system will display a pop-up window asking if you want to update Media Player. Click the update button to confirm the action and wait for it to complete the process.

The new Media Player is ready to use, you can read more about its features in our previous article. You may have noticed that the title of the program says Media Player Preview because it is still under testing. But, now that the app is running on the Windows 11 stable channel, it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft officializes the news.

There doesn’t seem to have been any noticeable changes in the player since the first version. You can resize the app window to make the sidebar labels smaller, i.e. just show the icons, increase the size, or make the window bigger to bring the labels back. I would have preferred a button to toggle the sidebar. The mini player cannot be resized beyond a certain point. These are the only flaws in the app, otherwise it’s good enough for playing local media files.

New media player for Windows 11

The Start menu lists the application as a media player, but Windows Search does not recognize the name, it shows the old Windows Media player as a result. Stranger still, the search for Groove Music lists the new media player in the results. I’m assuming search indexing still points to the old version because the Store app uses the same listing.

It is not yet known whether the app will be available for Windows 10 as well, but since the Groove app is being replaced, it can only be assumed that the Media Player will support the older operating system.

Have you tested the new Media Player, what do you think?


How to install the new media player in Windows 11

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How to install the new media player in Windows 11

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