How to turn your TV into a smart TV


Most TVs these days are what are known as smart TVs, so you can enjoy all your streaming platforms hassle-free.

For those with a regular TV, there are easy ways to turn your current TV into a smart TV.


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Sometimes the best option is to search for the best 4k tv deals and find a brand new smart tv.

If you’re looking to buy a TV, make sure you know what size TV you need to buy and how to measure a TV screen.

But you don’t have to shell out for a new OLED screen to access all your streaming hubs.

Most converter boxes give you a way to access the internet through a streaming hub, making your regular TV smart.

If you want to wall mount your new TV, check out our range of the best TV wall mounts to buy.

You can convert your old TV to a smart TV with many different devices, so we’ve cleared up the confusion and explained all the different options.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick, £39.99

Amazon's Fire TV Stick is their flagship model


Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is their flagship model

Amazon offers a range of prices for its Fire TV Sticks, from just £29.99 all the way up to the £109.99 Fire TV Cube.

The Fire TV Stick balances budget and streaming capability as it’s capable of handling HD streaming without the high price tag.

The sticks – and the cube – work by plugging into your HDMI port as well as a power source and connecting to wifi.

This creates a streaming hub for all your services, such as Amazon Prime, and also gives you internet access and other apps.

Amazon’s Lite version of the stick will save you £10 but you’ll lose the HD quality of the stream, while the 4K and 4K Max versions offer Dolby vision and 4K definition with a higher price tag.

Rounding out the lineup is the Amazon Fire TV Cube, which features Alexa voice control, higher storage, and a faster Hexa-core processor.

You’ll often find Fire Sticks discounted, so check our Amazon device deals page for the latest deals.

The classic Fire TV Stick is still best for simple, budget-friendly streaming – although the 4K version is a great choice for more avid watchers.

Other devices available on Amazon:

2. Roku Express 4K, £32 (save 18%)

Roku media device lets you stream TV, movies and music


Roku media device lets you stream TV, movies and music

The Roku range of streaming devices are slightly cheaper than the Fire TV Sticks and currently offered as well.

The Roku Express 4K is just £32 right now on Amazon, down from £39 from £39, saving you 18 per cent.

Like Fire Sticks, Roku devices work by connecting to your TV, connecting to the internet, and creating a Roku account.

All streaming services can be found using your Roku homepage, including Netflix and Disney+.

If you have a wall-mounted TV you might want to opt for the Roku Streaming Stick+ which is also offered at £46.99 – saving you 22 per cent.

Roku also has a Streambar that doubles as a smart device and a soundbar, saving you space on your TV stand.

Other devices available from Roku:

3. Google Chromecast, £30

Chromecast is one of the most affordable options


Chromecast is one of the most affordable options

Google Chromecast is a great budget streaming device to convert your old TV.

This inexpensive little media streamer will support up to 4K resolution and can be paired with your Google Home devices for voice control.

Chromecast can be used by anyone in the room to cast videos from their phone to the TV, even if they are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Using the HDMI port for both power and to connect to your TV, it’s easy to hide without any dangling wires.

Chromecast is a great, affordable option for people who already use Google at home.

4. Apple TV HD, £139

Apple TV is available in two versions and has a maximum storage of 64 GB


Apple TV is available in two versions and has a maximum storage of 64 GB

While it may be confusing, these are not the same or limited to Apple’s Apple TV+ streaming platform.

Apple TVs are one of the most expensive streaming devices on the market, starting at £139.

Indeed, they also have a lot more storage – while most devices have around 8GB, Apple TVs start at 32GB.

The 4K version comes with 32GB or 64GB options, which means there’s more room for all your apps, movies and TV shows to download.

This little box connects via HDMI to your TV so you can access all your favorite streaming shows in Dolby surround sound.

For the price hike, Apple TV doesn’t offer much that even the most expensive Amazon TV Cube wouldn’t.

Although Apple includes three free months of Apple TV+, its own streaming service, with any purchase, including its TV boxes.

Other devices available from Apple:

5. Facebook Portal TV, £94

The Facebook TV portal is ideal for anyone who frequently video chats


The Facebook TV portal is ideal for anyone who frequently video chats

Meta’s video call device is not just for chatting with friends, you can also stream your favorite shows through it.

The Facebook Portal TV attaches to your TV and is a camera that lets you video chat directly from your TV – rather than holding a tablet or phone.

It also has the ability to download streaming platform apps, which means you can watch your favorite movies as well.

The portal will also connect to your Alexa devices to call someone or watch a TV show with just your voice.

Even better, this is currently discounted on Amazon, from £149 to £94 – a saving of 37%.

6. DVD player – Panasonic DMP-BD84EB-K, £69

Blu-ray players can accommodate streaming services to give you the best of both worlds


Blu-ray players can accommodate streaming services to give you the best of both worlds

The humble Blu-ray player may be the key to converting your old TV into a smart TV.

Many modern Blu-ray and DVD players allow you to connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

This Panasonic is a slim Blu-ray player with internet capabilities and a USB port if you have movies on a USB drive.

7. Game Consoles – Xbox Series S, £242.99

The Xbox Series S is an affordable option if you're looking for consoles


The Xbox Series S is an affordable option if you’re looking for consoles

Playstation and Xbox consoles will allow you to stream TV and movies through their interface.

You can download apps for all your favorite streaming platforms right to your Xbox home screen.

The cheapest deal is the Xbox Series S, you can get up to 8K quality if you use an 8K compatible HDMI cable.

The Xbox Series X is the top-end version, with built-in 8K capabilities, 4K gaming, and a bigger processor – it’s also nearly double the price.

It’s an expensive way to turn your old TV into a smart TV, but if you’re considering a game console anyway, it could kill two birds with one stone.

The Xbox Series S console is also slightly discounted on Amazon at the moment.

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