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Fifty years after its arrival in theaters, The Godfather is still topping the box office – and now mob moviegoers can get closer to the Corleone family at home with the digital release of director Francis Ford Coppola’s iconic trilogy in 4K Ultra HD.

In honour of The GodfatherOn the 50th anniversary of, moviegoers will enjoy a bigger, brighter, and crisper viewing experience when they purchase the digital versions of movies online. The restored version of the first film also has a limited theatrical run in Dolby Vision at AMC Theaters.

The output precedes The offer, a 10-episode limited series inspired by the mob franchise. Premiering April 28 on Paramount+, the first three episodes will be available immediately, with subsequent episodes releasing weekly.

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Based on Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel, the first film was released in 1972 and won Best Picture, Best Actor for Marlon Brando and Best Screenplay at the 45th Academy Awards. It was followed by The Godfather: Part II in 1974 and nominated for an Oscar The Godfather: Part III in 1990. Coppola recut the third film in 2020 in a version he and Puzo “intended to make from the film”.

Coppola joined stars Talia Shire and James Caan at the 50th anniversary celebration last month at the Paramount lot, where guests also included Alden Ehrenreich and Jon Voight. Caan recently said The Hollywood Reporter that he was “so pissed” after learning that Coppola cut one of his major scenes and went so far as to leave the screening.

“When Michael [Pacino] tells me he’ll take care of the cop and Sollozzo [Al Lettieri], I said, “You’ll have brains all over your nice Ivy League costume,” Caan recalled. “There was a scene before in the same room that I had with Bobby [Duvall] it was about 10 pages — and Francis cut it all out! … But otherwise, he did me a great honor.

During the last years, The Godfather has also spawned countless movie merchandise ranging from official cookbooks and Italian food staples to Funko Pop! figurines and more.

How to watch The Godfather Trilogy of movies in 4K UHD online

The Godfather the trilogy in 4K UHD is available on Vudu for $30 for a limited time or for $13 for each film; those who purchased the movies before March 22 can upgrade the quality for a fee.

“The Godfather” trilogy in 4K UHD on Vudu


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All three Godfather Movies in 4K UHD are also available on Amazon Prime Video to rent for $3 to $4 each or buy for $13 each, and Apple TV users can buy the titles on iTunes.

The Godfather Trilogy on Amazon Prime Video



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Or buy The Godfather Movies on DVD and Blu-ray

Prefer to own a hard copy of classic crowd shots? The trilogy is available on Amazon on DVD and Blu-ray ($8 to $31), while the Corleone Legacy Edition offers the films in 4K UHD for $92. You can also get a special-edition box set with 4K UHD, HDR-10, and DolbyVision (plus the digital copy) at Target for $160 or at Best Buy for $140.

To buy The Godfather Trilogy 4K UHD Blu-ray Collector’s Edition box set:
$140 at Best Buy | $160 at target


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