Huawei and Oppo foldable smartphones to launch just before the end of 2021: leak


Huawei and Oppo’s foldable smartphone offerings are launching separately just before the end of 2021, according to recent revelations from a well-known leaker and tipster.

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The logo of the Chinese company Huawei is seen on the screen of a Huawei mobile phone in London on July 14, 2020. – Britain on Tuesday ordered its telecommunications providers to stop buying 5G equipment from the Chinese giant Huawei from the beginning of next year, and to withdraw all its equipment by 2027.

Just when phone consumers thought all of the most popular smartphone launches in 2021 came with the release of the iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, a leaker says there is has more to come.

While it should be noted that Xiaomi is also expected to release the first smartphone equipped with the Qualcomm 4nm chip before the end of 2021, Huawei and Oppo have also reportedly launched their foldable devices at the last minute.

It turns out that the big Chinese phone makers Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are set to launch flagship-level smartphones during the holiday season.

Huawei and Oppo foldable phone launched

According to the TechNave report, a prominent leak official by the name of Ice Universe previously noted that there was a “potent murder” about to enter the emerging foldable phone market.

Shortly after hinting at an upcoming foldable phone, another well-known analyst and tipster Ross Young disclosed more details about it.

The prognosticator confirmed that Huawei and Oppo are set to launch their foldable phone market entries just before welcoming another year.

On top of that, Young also revealed that Chinese phone maker Huawei is also set to release a shell version of the foldable phone, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3, according to the Android Headlines article.

Oppo’s first foldable

On the other hand, the well-known analyst predicted that OPPO should release a foldable device, just like the hugely popular Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Huawei and Oppo to launch foldable smartphones just before the end of 2021: leak

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In this photo taken on May 9, 2017, men holding smartphones stand outside an Oppo store in Shenzhen. Chinese smartphone maker Oppo started selling DVD players in the southern manufacturing hub of Dongguan just over a decade ago and didn’t enter the cellphone market until 2011. But with an aggressive marketing strategy and a focus on physical stores. in small and medium towns.

AndroidHeadlines added in the same report that according to the leak, OPPO’s next foldable phone will be the Chinese phone maker’s very first.

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Huawei’s third-generation foldable

On the other hand, Huawei has already released two generations of its foldable, the Huawei Mate X in 2019, followed by the Huawei Mate X2 last year. That said, the Chinese tech giant has yet to release its foldable phone for this year.

TechNave further noted in the same report that the two tipsters / leaks used to accurately predict the technology to come. That said, we’ll likely see these new foldable phones in the near future.

However, it should be mentioned that the two Chinese phone makers have yet to tease or advertise such devices. As such, take these leaks with care to avoid disappointment. Either way, 2021 is ending soon.

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