Hudson Valley’s Luckiest Store Claims Another Half-Million Winner


The lucky streak continues for a Hudson Valley store that can’t seem to stop selling winning tickets.

In defiance of all probability, the luckiest store in the Hudson Valley has done it again. Another client got rich thanks to the store’s unprecedented streak. The last winning ticket was sold for the March 2 PICK 10 draw.

All 10 numbers on the winning ticket matched the numbers drawn, earning the player a top prize of $500,000. The odds of hitting all 10 numbers are one in nine million, but the odds don’t really seem to matter at the Hudson Valley store that continues to offer winning tickets.

The final streak began on Christmas Day at the Smokes 4 Less location on Main Street in Fishkill. On December 25, the store claimed a $50,000 Powerball draw winner. Just a week later, the same store won another 3rd place jackpot, again selling a $50,000 winning ticket. Another winning ticket on February 12 had three $50,000 Powerball winners sold at the store in less than two months. Smokes 4 Less also sold a million dollar Powerball ticket last May.

With so many places to buy lottery tickets in the Hudson Valley, we needed to know why this place was the one that kept selling winning tickets. We spoke with Tim Grignon, the manager of Smokes 4 Less at Fishkill, and he told us it had a lot to do with volume.

While no store is technically “luckier” than another, the number of tickets sold at the Fishkill location has a lot to do with all those winnings. Grignon says the more people win, the more other players come to the store to buy their tickets. As more and more winners are announced, more and more customers visit in hopes that some of that luck will rub off on them.

Grignon told us that the store generally does not receive bonus money from the New York Lottery for the sale of a winning ticket, unless it is a jackpot. The winning Pick 10 ticket sold this week hit the jackpot, so it looks like Smokes 4 Less will finally be able to split the winnings. Apparently, stores can receive up to $10,000 for the sale of a jackpot-winning ticket.

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