“India needs new staff; I’m going to start the #BringAshwinBack trend ”


Michael Vaughan has pledged to launch a “#BringAshwinBack” campaign on Twitter, suggesting that India needs its first spinner for the rest of the series. The former England captain has also offered another change – a snub to Ajinkya Rahane – to instill in the team with fresh staff and a “new state of mind”.

Vaughan’s comments come in light of India’s massive and grueling defeat at Headingley. Coaches, especially Ishant Sharma, struggled to find the rhythm in the game, while the only all-rounder, Ravindra Jadeja, was underused with the ball. Vice-captain Rahane couldn’t contribute much either, scoring just 28 points over the two sets.

“I think England would like to see Rahane again, [similar to how] I think India wanted to see Sibley again. When you get to the time when opposing teams are very happy to see players get another game, you have to make the switch. India is due to arrive on Thursday with a different frame of mind. I’m sure they’ll find that, it’s a good team and they’ll get back on track with their mindset. But they also need different staff, ”said Michael Vaughan when interacting with Cricbuzz.

He added that India needs to give Joe Root and Co. new challenges and Ravichandran Ashwin should be first on this list.

“They have to offer England someone else to think about in terms of the batting department and the bowling department. Joe Root has now walked over 500 races and he faces the same bowlers, doing the same things. #BringAshwinBack is going to tend to end the next few days, and I’m going to start it. I’m not an Indian fan but if you want me to start it, I’m going to start the #BringAshwinBack trend, “said Michael Vaughan .

“Layoffs for all players are common, it’s like a DVD” – Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan also identified another problem with visitors. He said almost the entire batting lineup comes out the same – hanging their bats outside the stump – which feels like “DVD playback” on repeat.

Michael Vaughan added that England’s plans are on the table and it is now up to Virat Kohli and Co. to find their antidotes.

“Yes, that’s a problem for India. Layoffs of all players are now common. It’s like a DVD that you keep playing, it’s the same. For all the different players, the England have the plans. Over a five-game series, you as a player have to train with kickbacks. You know what the tactics will be, Ollie Robinson said he was going to throw more fully in the 4th and the 5th line of stump in Virat Kohli, that’s where they will play him. Virat to solve this problem, “added Michael Vaughan.

While skipper Kohli has so far not hinted at any changes to the game XI, the clouds will only clear when the two captains step onto the pitch for the fourth test at the Oval, starting September 2.

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