Is movie streaming the next step for NFT?



In recent decades, the film and entertainment industry has undergone a radical transformation. The very first format to bring home movies was VHS. Shortly before VHS, television was a source of entertainment. Over time, a new format with better HD quality, audiovisual and sound have taken over. This DVD format made great strides as it had additional content like interviews, bloopers, documentaries and many more.

The demand for broadband increased as the streaming speed increased, the Apple company seized the opportunity and introduced digital media movie sales to the market. This marked the end of the DVD era and the rise of streaming. So now people have Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sources to enjoy all-time movies and TV shows. Due to the pandemic, many films have surfaced via streaming which has left theaters in a very difficult situation supporting streaming.

The introduction of one-size-fits-all subscription models put an end to all DVD products. This is where the NFT appeared on the screen. All collectible movies and TV shows can be brought back with the opportunity offered by NFT. When the NFT hype of early 2021 began, many industries looked at opportunities to market digital art NFTs.

“Silhouettes”, the film featuring for NFT tickets

Now the movie industry has shifted to selling movie tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Liquid Network. This is where the history of the movie industry changed. The silhouette of the film, a superb science fiction, written by Matt Hartley has the story of an astronaut Katherine Barnes.

In this film, she is in the middle of a routine inspection of the space station orbiting the earth. During her routine, she is taken on a tour of the universe by an inhabitant of space. Versatile actors such as Dick Terhune, who also worked on “Transformers: Cyberverse”, and Helen Day who starred in “Toruk: The First Flight” are the cast of the story.

This film initiated the NFTs. The purchase of tickets is provided on the official website, which is in collaboration with Pixelmatic. Pixelmatic is part of the global marketplace founded in 2011, which runs and develops video games, their teams are located in China, France and Canada, and is led by a team of game industry professionals from Ubisoft, d ‘Activision Blizzard and Relic.

Giant streaming companies like Netflix are already planning to launch games on the platform, which, combined with blockchain technology, can be HUGE! I mean gamers could get their hands on popular games, instead of buying virtual games items in OSRS, they could buy NFTs which can be sold for huge profits. Games like Fortnite Accounts and even FFXIV Accounts may explode after that.

From now on, with each ticket of this film, an exclusive streaming accessory is provided to the buyer with a unique ticket number issued by an NFT… This innovative process has already arrived on the market. Additionally, these banknotes can be convenient using other crypto currency like bitcoin, litecoin, and liquid bitcoin. Now payments are made with Lightning networks as they are very acceptable due to low cost micro transaction.

Is video streaming the next target?

Yes, movie streaming is definitely the next step for NFTs. So, people think that NFTS is a very expensive digital asset that will bring in a lot of money which will make them rich in the future because it is similar to cryptocurrency.

Thereby TVN persuades people to own a property or a work of art. Recently, Tiger Woods sold NFTS digital autograph collectibles. These became so popular that TIME magazine’s 4,500 pieces were released in just a minute of its release date. In short, we are offered a digital asset of any work of art with the authenticity of a certificate created by blockchain. If you are considering buying an NFT it is affordable, but as the bidding war continues it can be worth a lot more as a token.



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