Is Shining Vale on Amazon?


shining valley just got renewed for a second season, but you might not have caught the first yet. Is it available to stream on Amazon?

There is no doubt that we are delighted to shining valley Season 2. This has just been confirmed by STARZ, and we’ll have eight episodes to match the size of the first season.

This horror-comedy stars Courteney Cox as Pat Phelps. She and her husband move from New York to Connecticut after Pat’s affair with the handyman. It’s their last chance to save their marriage, but their kids aren’t happy with the movie.

As Pat struggles to keep control of her family, she also begins to wonder if she’s going crazy. There is a woman at the window of the house and the piano begins to play by itself. What’s going on in the house?

Shining Vale is not streaming on Prime Video

There is bad news to begin with. You can’t watch shining valley on Prime Video for free with your Prime membership. However, there is a way to watch through Prime Video with an add-on subscription.

The series is on STARZ. It is one of the premium cable networks available through Prime Channels. When you add STARZ through Prime Channels, it’s all in one place.

Shining Vale will likely come to Amazon Instant Video

Currently, the only way to stream is via STARZ. However, shows on this network are eventually heading to digital and DVD. STARZ has an app, but it’s not a streaming platform. It’s a premium cable network, so it’s used to sending content to digital.

When the series is released on Digital, it will be available for purchase through Amazon Instant Video. You can purchase individual episodes or the entire season in one. You will still be able to watch through STARZ with the complementary channel.

shining valley is available to stream on STARZ.


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