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Ascending animation announced on Tuesday that it had published the Ishida and Asakura (Ishida in Asakura) anime comic gag on DVD. The release includes the English dub from the anime. Ascending animation stated that the anime is available for purchase on Amazon and Straight stuf, but at press time Straight stuf DVD is out of stock but is waiting for more stock.

Ascending animation describes the anime:

Ishida and Asakura follows the unusual and crazy adventures of two high school students who just want to make their dreams come true after graduation. Ishida wants to open a flower shop with her best friend, while Asakura wants nothing more than to be surrounded by boobs as a professor of breast physics. (Yes really)

the dubbing the cast includes:

The cast also includes: Reece bridger, Venus Carey, Kevin Couto, Paul Davey, Brandon Green, Erin Hamilton, Ryan hoyle, Kdin Jenzen, Danielle McRae, Edward Mendoza, Chris Pavon, Brian rollins, Tamara ryan, Patrick M. Seymour, Sean Tay, Shane Tay, Minh Ton, Jonathon virella, and Elwin G. Williams III.

K. Cornell Kellum and Preston Cowley produced the dubbing, Kiba Walker directed the dubbing and wrote the script, and Steve Warky Nunez served as ADR engineer and script translator.

The two-minute animated shorts premiered on Tokyo MX in January 2013. Crisp aired the anime overseas when it aired in Japan.

Japanese actors Nobuhisa Nakamoto like Asakura and Shuta Morishima like Ishida. Tooru Sakurai and Saïma Nakano playing his classmates Yamada and Satō, respectively, while Sumi shimamoto plays Kinoshita-sensei. Rayli performed the theme song from the anime “Dokidokidoku”.

Pipuya (Kachô no Koi) directed and scripted the anime in the studios Dax Production and Hotline (Shiba Inuko-san). Kenichi yamashita (Ginga and kick off !!, Ginga Densetsu Weed) was in charge of the scripts, and PEN designed the characters.

The manga debuted in both Shonengahosha‘s main Young king review and Young Monthly King in 2011, and it ended after 15 installments in July 2012. Shonengahosha released the second volume of the compiled book with an unpublished ending in December 2012.

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