James Bond’s 24-movie DVD set is on sale now


James bondThe 24-movie DVD box set is on sale now for a limited time.

Amazon UK kicks off 2022 with great deals on Blu-rays and DVDs, starting with an incredible collection of Bind movies ranging from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

The retailer has lowered the price of the box by 10%, meaning you can pick it up right now for just £ 35.99 by clicking here.


James Bond Collection [DVD] [2017]

20th century fox

£ 35.99

Here you will find all the films of the official Bond canon, in chronological order, since the franchise began in 1962 Dr No until the penultimate outing of Daniel Craig at Spectrum.

Fans can also complete their collection of home videos as Craig’s swan song No time to die is also available digitally, as well as a more traditional limited edition Zavvi exclusive 4K Ultra HD Steelbook DVD, Blu ray and Ultra HD 4K.

Collectors can even choose a variant of the first edition from HMV which comes complete with an Aston Martin keychain, limited edition art cards and a 48-page mini-book for £ 55.99.

No Time to Die 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray

The standard No time to die the home video options come with an hour of bonus features, while the 4K versions also include four exclusive features and the famous Being James Bond documentary.

Daniel Craig’s era as 007 has barely ended, but producers are already weighing in on a fan-specific theory about the next Bond that appears to be gaining traction on social media after No time to diethe final of.

“I think everyone has a theory and it’s great [as it] just shows you what affection they have for the character. It is a cultural icon in which they have an interest for the future. I think nothing is ridiculous, they are all valid, ”hinted producer Michael G Wilson. No Time to Die: The Official James Bond Podcast.

No time to die is now available on home video as well as digitally. All previous Bond films are available at DVD Where Blu ray.

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