James Maslow wants to make more action movies


James Maslow has been on screens for over a decade now since his first role as Shane on the Nickelodeon series iCarly. Following this with a role as James Diamond in Big time Rush, also from Nickelodeon, with later music videos later, Maslow has since carved out a place for himself as a leading man in the industry today. Some of his latest include Gamblers Comedy We need to talk where he plays the role of a celebrity game reviewer on YouTube, and Dog wolf in which he plays a soldier who must protect America from Nazi Germany. The latter piques some of his aspirations for the trajectory of his career.

In a previous interview with Movieweb for Dog wolfMaslow was asked about his love for action movies, as it’s a lesser-known genre for him. Often Maslow works on comedies and, of course, his early work with Nickelodeon.


What kid watches an action movie and says, ‘That doesn’t look fun.’

James Maslow on working on action films

During our interview, Maslow expressed interest in exploring the action genre further. “Absolutely, it’s exactly the type of role I’ve always wanted to do,” he said, referring to Dog wolf. “What kid watches an action movie and says, ‘That doesn’t look fun.’ No, we are monitoring it [the action star] and go, ‘I could do that’ [laughs]. ‘How sick would that be?’ And that little child still lives in me today. So I really, really love this medium and I absolutely want to continue it, and you know, knock on wood, this project just engenders more and more of the same vein.

Continuing in the same vein is well suited, given Maslow’s well-tempered performance and his run. “This action stuff was interesting and a bit difficult for me because I grew up shooting. My dad was a champion shooter. So I have a lot of experience in guns. I grew up doing martial arts and to this day I do boxing and Muay Thai every week. But Captain David Holden would have had the bare minimum of that kind of training. He was a pilot. Pilots don’t plan on getting shot…so we’re trying to make that as realistic as possible…it shouldn’t be played like a Navy SEAL in that role.It wasn’t his training…and I think we struck a good balance.

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Maslow did all his own stunts in Wolf Hound

Dog wolf is filled with fights and explosions that would often require a stuntman to replace him. While it’s not uncommon for actors to do their own stunts, it’s certainly an impressive feat. Some of those who have accomplished this in the past are Tom Cruise (Maslow noted that he would take that comparison), Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Keanu Reeves, Harrison Ford, and now Maslow’s entry.

“He did all his stunts in this movie. And that’s rare, I think for any actor, especially the main man. But every jump, every fireball right behind him, everything on planes, everything this is real. It’s all him, so I take my hat off to him for that,” commented Michael B. Chait, director of Dog wolf.

Dog wolf also stars Trevor Donovan and John Turk, and is co-written by Timothy Ritchey. It was released in select theaters from June 3, 2022 and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 12. possible,” Maslow said, speaking of his hopes for audience reception.

Maslow’s upcoming projects include romantic comedy The stars have fallen againand the family movie Holiday twistwhich are not in the vein of the action, however, Black sky was announced, a sci-fi action-horror film also starring Colleen Camp and Selene Luna. According to the production listing, the synopsis for the project reads, “The world’s financial institutions have collapsed and the world as we knew it no longer exists. Wars have destroyed great cities and dangerous mutated creatures are killing everyone in their path. A small group of humans holed up in a motel/rest area in the desert are fighting for their survival. Maslow will play Bolton’s character in the film.


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