Jimmy Johnson watched broadcasts as a coach to find out if announcers dropped clues about opponents


As an NFL head coach, you learn all the tools of the trade to be one step ahead of an opponent. Super Bowl Champion Coach and NFL on FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson is no different.

Speaking to Dan Le Batard on Thursday, Johnson said one of the things he will try to research information about his opponents is by watching replays of televised matches. Johnson didn’t find that one broadcaster more than another would give better information, but he knew TV crews had a whole process leading up to game day.

“I didn’t even pay attention to who it was,” Johnson said. “I listened to it, yeah, because so many times the broadcasters because they had interviewed the coaches the day before, they had snippets in there like ‘Look for that’ or ‘They like to run this type of game’… So a lot of time you will pick up information about this show.

Johnson was on Dan Le Batard’s show with Stugotz promoting his upcoming book “Swagger: Super Bowls, Brass Balls and Footballs”. In it, Johnson recalls a time when a player he coached for the Miami Dolphins ended up with the New England Patriots and told his new team all of Miami’s secrets. Johnson watched footage of the game at the time and was so enraged at the player knowing what the Dolphins were up to that he threw away his DVD player.


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