John Wick Director Says Fourth Movie Is Longest Yet


Wick jeans 4 should be the longest entry in the action thriller franchise to date.

Returning director Chad Stahelski confirmed this in a recent chat with Colliderwhich means Keanu Reeves’ latest neon-soaked punch-up clocks are at 132 minutes, at the very least.

Third film of 2019 Parabellumwho will now take second place, lasted 131 minutes.

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The stuntman-turned-filmmaker also told the publication how close they were to finishing the Wick jeans 4 Edit.

“We’re on the home stretch for picture lock and then we’ve got our music VFX. But this is the furthest I’ve ever been, this much in post.

“We love the music we’ve got so far,” Stahelski teased. “We still have Tyler Bates doing some of the bigger footage. Visual effects are going to be coming throughout the year. But we’re dangerously close.

“In our edit, as far as our frame lock goes, we’re minutes away from locking. Our footage is done. The movie is basically done. There’s probably a few more weeks of overall tweaking, and then we lock the image, and we’re about music, sound and effects.”

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Although the fourth installment is still officially untitled, John Wick newcomer Shamier Anderson (he’s on board as a character named Tracker) previously hinted that his subtitle is hagakure.

Confused by this one? We are not surprised. hagakure refers to an 18th century Japanese text.

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