Leslie Haas Promoted to Vice President of Business Development at Paragon


Leslie Haas Promoted to Vice President of Business Development at Paragon

Press release from: Paragon Space Development Corporation
Posted: Friday January 14th 2022

Paragon Space Development Corporation is pleased to announce the promotion of Leslie Haas to Vice President of Business Development. Since joining the company in 2017, she has led Paragon’s record growth in the industry and played a key role in the recently announced acquisition of Final Frontier Design, a leading supplier of spacesuits and components. auxiliaries. These efforts have strengthened Paragon’s position as a leading provider of life support services for the government and commercial space market. In this senior role, Haas will continue to oversee business development, marketing, public relations, government affairs and technology commercialization efforts as well as new strategic initiatives.

Paragon President and CEO Grant Anderson had this to say about Ms. Haas and her new role, “Leslie’s strong negotiating acumen and ability to connect Paragon’s capabilities to client needs are key to our success. In her new role, she will be able to focus on strategic initiatives while leading an execution-focused business development and marketing organization commensurate with our size and scope. business. “

Haas brings more than 25 years of experience in business development and operations in the space and technology sectors. She was recently recognized as one of the “Top 10 Women Aviation Leaders of 2021″ by Industry Era Women Leaders magazine. Her previous space experience includes engineering and project management stints on the Space Station and Space Shuttle programs for which she was awarded NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award and was honored with the Rockwell International Engineer of the Year Award. Later in her career, she was co-founder, vice president and general manager of the Sony DVD Center, one of the technical pioneers of the DVD format that paved the way for streaming technology on today’s platforms. today. His successful leadership of this division earned him the Sony CEO Award and the Sony 50th Anniversary Innovation Award.

Paragon has been at the forefront of systems designed for extreme environments at sea, on land, in the air and in space for over 28 years. Paragon has a successful history of providing design, analysis and/or hardware on all manned space programs since 1999. Since then, Paragon has grown in personnel, design, analysis, manufacturing and capabilities operational to support the most current and advanced programs. civil and commercial space programs. For more information and other news, visit www.paragonsdc.com.

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